Joshua Neese-Todd

December 1, 2014

Joshua Neese-Todd (MA, CEU 2014; currently PhD student in the History Department at the University of Pennsylvania). When I came to Budapest in 2012, I had a BA in English Literature and a few years work experience. My time at CEU not only gave me the tools I needed to work as a historian, but the vision and direction needed to put those tools to use. I believe that the History program at CEU excels because the intellectual diversity of its faculty and student body is mirrored in equal measure by their commitment to working across regional fields. This is the environment that pushed me as a student of 19th and 20th century Russia to engage simultaneously with the history of the Ottoman Empire and Turkey, a comparative framework which continues to inform my PhD work at the U Penn. The ability of CEU to encourage its students to read and think widely across history is one of the university’s greatest strengths and is one of the many reasons the program consistently produces students ready to participate in the highest levels of scholarship at institutions all over the world.