Conference Panels

Monday, August 12th

9.00 – 10.30, Panel Section I

I. Diasporas in Host Lands: Mutual Identity Reconfiguration

Chair: László Bence Bari, PhD Candidate (Central European University)

N15 R104

Ananda Majumdar (Canada): The Crisis of Illegal Rohingya Migration in Bangladesh

Brandon Lim (Singapore): Armenians in the Lion City

Ailish Lalor (Netherlands): Jewish People and the Construction of Whiteness on the Goldfields of 19th Century Victoria, Australia

Monday, August 12th

11.00 – 12.30, Panel Section II - Two Parallel Sessions

II.1. State-socialism viewed from outside: ideologies and migrations

Chair: Marsha Siefert (Central European University)

N15 R105

Tomasz Korban (Poland): Polish Emigration in Great Britain in 1970s – Anticommunist or "Pro-Country"

Kseniia Komoza (Russian Federation): Emigrant Press about Russian Future (1919 – 1939)

Egor Albitskii (Russian Federation): The Reality of “Developed Socialism” and the Value Structures of the Soviet dream: Statistics and “Moscow Doesn't Believe in Tea”

 II.2. Entanglements of the Political Thought, Migration and State intervention

Chair: Carsten Wilke (Central European University)

N15 R106

Philipp Kruchenov (Russian Federation): Political Immigration Based on the Experience of Alexander Herzen

Marta Jibladze (Georgia):The Marginalisation of the Pankisi – A Political Tool for the Georgian Elite

Monday, August 12th

14.30 – 16.00, Panels Section III – Two Parallel Sessions

III.1. Remembrance and migrations

Chair: Eszter Spät (Central European University)

N15 R104

Ana Rurua (Georgia): Historical Causes of Migration and its Impact on Collective Memory in the case of Georgian-Abkhaz Conflict

Siepan Khalil (Netherlands): No Friends but the Mountains, No Enemies but the States

Jana Hunter (United Kingdom): ‘The Little Czechoslovakia’: Recreating a Czech Cultural Homeland in Canada, 1948 – 1968

III.2 Literary and artistic representations of migration, exile and diaspora experiences

Chair: Robyn Dora Radway (Central European University)

N15 R105

Fatima Afzal (Pakistan): Not My Land: Exile in the poetry of Fahmidah Riaz

Olivia Linda Klee (Switzerland): A Voice from the Glens: Gaelic Periodical Representations of Late 19th-Century Scottish Emigration

Mazzy Westwood (United Kingdom): Josef Herman – A Figurehead for the Expression of Migrant Experience through Visual Art

Tuesday, August 13th

9.00 – 11.30, Panel Section IV

IV. The Representation of Migration and Diaspora in High and Popular Culture

Chair: Anna Kinde, PhD Candidate (Central European University)

N15 R104

Lauren Scanlon (United Kingdom): How Far Does the Ringstrasse, and What it Represents, Match the Reality of Vienna at the Turn of the Nineteenth Century?

Yulia Tsvetkova (Russian Federation): From Isolation to Collective Memory: the Texas Experience from 1949 to 2019

Tuesday, August 13th

11.00 – 12.30, Panel Section V – Two Parallel Sessions

V.1. Urban landscape and the reflections of migration

Chair: Ivana Mihaela Zimbrek, PhD Candidate (Central European University)

N15 R104

Iana Bolshedvorskaia (Russian Federation): ‘Cosmopolitan Berlin: back to 1980s’

Isabel Soloaga (United States): Transforming Art, Transforming Lives:  The Art of the Other in Contemporary Rome

Jakub Crcha (Slovakia): The Reluctant Class Consciousness of the Slovak Immigrant Workers in the USA

Adriano Pušnik (Slovenia) : Tito’s Velenje

V. 2. Confessions, Testimonies and Accounts of Migration in Oral History

Chair: Matthias Riedl (Central European University)

N15 R106

Viktoriia Kobzeva (Russian Federation): Muslim Migration to Central Russia from the Perspective of Contemporary History and Social Anthropology

Alexandra Koroleva(Russian Federation): Academic Migration of Russian Humanities Scholars in the 1990s

Azeem Rajulawalla(United Kingdom): The Expulsion of Asians from Uganda

Tuesday, August 13th

14.30 – 16.00, Panels VI – Two Parallel Sessions

VI.1. From historical homeland towards the uncertain future

Chair: Lucija Balikić, MA (Central European University)

N15 R104

Dimitris Mitsopoulos (Greece): Leaving “Jerusalem of Balkans”: Greek Jews from Salonica to Palestin

Nicholas Maxfield (United Kingdom): Migration from Habsburg Galicia: 1880 – 1900

Ana Smirnova (Russian Federation): Esoterism as “Inner Migration”: Micro-Historical Case of Prisoners in GULAG

VI.2. Migrations and the dynamics of nation-building

Chair: Balázs Trencsényi (Central European University)

N15 R106

Michał Balogh (Poland): Polish Political Emigrations at the End of XVIII century – Comparative Study

Siti Hanisah Rizaudin (Malaysia): Locating the Global Malay Diaspora

Manaswita Gupta (Nalsar University of Law, India): Burmese Nationalism: Colonial Taxonomy of Migrants, Jingoism and Myanmar’s Genocide of the Rohingya Muslims