ATRS - Greek: Hagiographic and Historiographic Texts from the Sixth-Seventh centuries

Course Description: 

The course is intended to be a supplement to the one on the Age of Justinian for those who are able to read the Greek sources in the original. Yet, it is also open to students who want to practice their Greek reading skills and are not taking the thematic course. During the term excerpts from some key sources from and about Justinian’s age will be read, such as Procopius’ Secret History, Evagrius’ Church History, the Life of Saint Sabas by Cyril of Scythopolis, the Spiritual Meadow of John Moschus. Equal emphasis will be laid on the correct understanding of the grammatical structures and the correct understanding of the content. For those who are also taking the thematic class, it will be a practical application of the principles of the art of reading acquired there.

Learning Outcomes: 

1.    Improvement of the students’ grammatical and text reading skills. 2. Development of the student’s hermeneutical skills.


The assessment will be based on the performance of the students during the classes and on written translation exercises. Students are expected to prepare a written translation of the text assigned for the reading class beforehand, which will be read and corrected by the instructor before the class. This will permit that, during the classes, we will be able to focus on the major grammatical problems and on the content of the texts read. Both intermediate and advanced students are welcome. The assessment will not be based on the objective knowledge of the students but on their diligence and progress.