PhD Tutorial III

Course Description: 

It is expected that students will hone their ability to present their research dissertation project, with an emphasis on their working hypothesis and research methodology; will develop their capacity to engage in debates over the comparative history of the region and to respond comprehensively to complex inquiries; question the received wisdom in a certain field of studies and be able to further articulate their own  original view on the topic.

Learning Outcomes: 

The aim of this tutorial is to prepare students for the comprehensive doctoral exam that will take place at the end of the first year of studies. Students are required to present their bibliographical essays and dissertation prospectus in front of peer students and to answer their questions concerning the comparative history of Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe. They have to develop a comparative research framework and to explain the relevance of key historiographical concepts for the history of these regions. In addition to presenting their own project, each student is required to read carefully the other dissertation prospectuses  and bibliographical essays, to formulate meaningful comments and questions and to engage in debate. 


This course is taken for a pass/fail grade. The final bibliography and PhD proposal are sent to the exam committee in May.