Religious and Political Thought in the Age of Reformation – Source Reading Seminar

Course Description: 

The reading class is an exercise in the analysis of primary sources. It complements the lecture on Religious and Political Thought in the Age of Reformation. All texts correspond to the respective lectures given earlier the same week, which will provide the intellectual and historical background for each set of texts. Therefore, this reading class should only be taken in combination with the lecture. For details about the course content and for secondary literature please consult the syllabus of the lecture. 

In the first half of each session, the class splits into two groups, each analyzing one text. In the second half of the session, the groups will present their results to the plenary.  

Learning Outcomes: 

The students will learn how to interpret a historical text from a variety of perspectives, such as:

  • the person of the author
  • form and genre of the text
  • intellectual context
  • historical context
  • content analysis
  • argumentative structure

The final grade will be composed of:

a)      chairing one group discussion and presenting the findings to the class (25%)

b)      class participation (25%)

c)       a final paper about one of the texts discussed in class (50%). The paper must fulfill the standards of an academic research paper. Length: 3000 words (excluding footnotes and bibliography). Deadline: 5 Jan 2018.