Departmental Research Seminar Series

We are pleased to announce the History Department’s series of  Research Seminars

 The seminars offer an opportunity to get acquainted with and discuss the ongoing research conducted by professors, doctoral students, and invited guests of the History Department. Formerly known as the Scholarly & Social Meetings, the series carries on the tradition from previous years of encouraging both intellectual and social exchanges between the students, guests, and members of the faculty.

You are cordially invited to join us on the following occasions:

Markian Prokopovych: “Triumphant Empire: The Premiere of Zigeunerbaron in the Budapest Opera House, 1905”
Michal Kopeček: “1989: Democratic or Liberal Revolution? A (Post-)Dissident Perspective”
Anna Mazanik“Animal bodies for the human good? The public slaughterhouse and the reform of meat production in late-imperial Moscow”
Szőnyi E. György“The Lure of the Occult. Cultural History and Counterfactual History in Some Esoteric-oriented Fiction”
Katalin Stráner: “Science as Entertainment? Public Lecturing, Scientific Controversy, and the Urban Press in 19th Century Hungary”
Ádám Takács: “Socialist Consciousness: The Adventures of a Key Term in the Ideological Discourses of the Kádár Regime”

To learn more about the History Department`s series of Research Seminar in the Fall term, please click here.

 Please read more about the research reports here.