Hungarian Partnerships

For CEU, partnerships with other universities are an essential part of our open society mission. CEU partners with institutions and universities across the globe, offering opportunities for our students, faculty and researchers to benefit from and contribute to the development of new knowledge in a wide variety of fields. Partnerships with Hungarian institutions are of particular importance to CEU, which has called Budapest home for more than two decades. Below please find more information on our department's partnerships with Hungarian institutions.

László Kontler

Participating in PhD defense committees, habilitations, and MTA doctoral award procedures as committee members at ELTE, University of Szeged, University of Pécs, and the MTA.

Susan Zimmermann

Reaccreditation in Hungary of the 2-year MA Program in Critical Gender Studies (incl. four specializations) in AY 2015/2016: cooperation and coordination with the two colleagues at ELTE who were interested in launching a new program at ELTE

Joint projects: The following Hungarian institutions formally agreed to see - in some cases extensive - material from their collections reproduced and published in the Habsburg cluster of WAME: Politikatörténeti Intézet, Hungarian National Library, Fövarosi Szabo Ervin Könyvtar, Hadtörténelmi Levéltár

Cooperation agreements: Cooperation agreement between OSZK and Alexanderstreet Press in the framework of the Project: Women and Social Movements in Modern Empires (WAME), responsible Editor for the document cluster on the Habsburg Monarchy: Susan Zimmermann. Agreement: OSZK scans 1900 pages of documents and gives permission that these documents be published in WAME; Alexanderstreet Press grants free of charge access to WAME for OSZK, including all institutions forming part of OSZK

Nadia Al-Bagdadi

ENIUGH joint lecture series, Approaching global history with Corvinus University and the Hungarian Academy of Science

Joint projects: The 1st annual conference of the Journal of International Relations and Development, the official periodical of the Central East European International Studies Association, in cooperation with ELTE in Nov 2017

Victor Karády

Joint projects: Victor Karady has assumed leadership for Hungary of the joint international project with the John Wesley Theological College: Interco-SSH funded by the European Union

Victor Karady is scholarly advisor of the John Wesley Theological College in Budapest. Victor Karady has organized a number of conferences and other public events at the John Wesley Theological College

Emese Lafferton

The Science Studies Program at CEU organized a one-day workshop entitled “Science Studies in Budapest” on 14 October 2016, where researchers, lecturers and students from Budapest working on the history, philosophy and social studies of science and technology were invited to present their ongoing research. Participants came from several academic institutions in Budapest, including ELTE, BME, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA), and CEU. This successful workshop was meant to be the first in a sequence of annual “Science Studies in Budapest” conferences in the future.)

Karl Hall and Emese Lafferton, members of the Science Studies Program and the Department of History also have good working relations with members of the Committee on the History of Science and Technology of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA). Karl Hall was a speaker at an MTA workshop on “Protecting and Appropriating Patents,” 2 December 2015

Emese Lafferton gave two lectures (one of them was invited keynote lecture) at the “Science and Technology Studies Conference” (STS Műhelykonferencia) held at Gólya Cultural Center, Budapest, 3-4 January, 2014. This STS Conference was an early attempt to bring together Hungarian scholars and students of STS from different Hungarian institutions, build networks and encourage collaboration. More than 40 presentations were held, the language of the conference was Hungarian.