Awards and Publications

Professor Rieber`s publication on Stalin and the Struggle for Supremacy in Eurasia

November 25, 2015

This is a major new study of the successor states that emerged in the wake of the collapse of the great Russian, Habsburg, Iranian, Ottoman and Qing Empires and of the expansionist powers who renewed their struggle over the Eurasian borderlands through to the end of the Second World War. Surveying the great power rivalry between the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan for control over the Western and Far Eastern boundaries of Eurasia, Alfred J.

The Struggle for the Eurasian Borderlands - publication by Professor Rieber

November 25, 2015

The Struggle for the Eurasian Borderlands - From the Rise of Early Modern Empires to the End of the First World War 

Publication in Turkish by Professor Casanova

October 7, 2015

Professor Julian Casanova`s "A Short History of the Spanish Civil War" (which was published
in Spanish with the tittle "España partida en dos") has just published in Turkish.