Selected Alumni Profiles

Ferenc Laczó

September 1, 2015

Ferenc Laczó (PhD 2011), currently lecturer in modern and contemporary European history at Maastricht University, formerly researcher at the Imre Kertész Kolleg Jena (2010 to 2015).

Maria Falina

August 12, 2015

Maria Falina (MA 2005, PhD 2011, currently lecturer and postdoctoral fellow at the Centre for War Studies, University College Dublin). 

Ievgeniia Sakal

June 25, 2015

Ievgeniia Sakal (MA CEU 2012, currently at Yale University for a PhD in History). My year as an MA student at Central European University was certainly unforgettable. Because my scholarly interests were on the crossroads of early-modern intellectual and Eastern European religious history, my case was approached individually.  I could take classes both from the History and Medieval Studies departments and I was also enrolled in the Religious Studies Program. Thus, I benefited from a whole range of subjects that corresponded perfectly with my scholarly interests.

Joshua Neese-Todd

December 1, 2014

Joshua Neese-Todd (MA, CEU 2014; currently PhD student in the History Department at the University of Pennsylvania). When I came to Budapest in 2012, I had a BA in English Literature and a few years work experience. My time at CEU not only gave me the tools I needed to work as a historian, but the vision and direction needed to put those tools to use. I believe that the History program at CEU excels because the intellectual diversity of its faculty and student body is mirrored in equal measure by their commitment to working across regional fields.

Tyler Conklin

October 31, 2014

Tyler Conklin (CEU MA 2014, Currently at Yale University for a PhD in History (Early Modern Middle East) since 2014), After Completing my BA at the University of Minnesota in History I enrolled in the two-year MA History program at CEU. CEU's excellent scholarly environment, including both fellow students and faculty, greatly prepared me for my further endeavors in academia which I am currently pursuing at Yale University.