András Máté-Tóth

Academic Rank: 
Visiting Professor
Nador u. 11

Professor for Study on Religions at University of Szeged, Faculty of Arts (2000-)

Adress: H-6722 Szeged, Egyetem u. 2. Tel/Fax: +3662 54 44 18, E-mail:,


Main research interests are first the mutual interaction between social and religious turns in Central and Eastern Europe, second the research for theoretical interpretation of contemporary religious processes. Former focus on the structural and theological processes of the catholic church in Europe and Latin-America and new religious movements and Christian grassroots movements in Europe. In parallel as founder of the first and only one Department for Study on Religions in Hungary I conduct the research of the history of Religionswissenschaft in Hungary.

Research experience

2007-2009 Religion and Values in Central and Eastern Europe Research Network (REVACERN) supported by the EU in 6th framework program. Comparative regional research in 14 societies of Central and Eastern Europe on 5 cultural areas: Value transformation, Educational Processes, New spirituality and new forms of religiosity, Orthodox transformation, Religion and civil society and building up interdisciplinary research community in the region. Main achievements are new ways for cooperation and new insides about the impact of religion to the contemporary societal processes in the region.

1996-2000 and 2007-2009 conducting the international research project Aufbruch 1-2 (New Departures) in 10 and 14 countries of Eastern and Central Europe with Paul M. Zulehner and Miklós Tomka and with more than 100 researchers from the region. Grant from Pastorales Forum Austria. Conducting research project on contemporaly theological trends in 10 post-communist countries with Paul M. Zulehner and with 17 researchers from the region. Grant from Pastorales Forum Austria. Recent publications in MTMT.


Regularly courses on BA, MA and PhD level at Szeged University on different topics of study on religion: since 1991 in average 5-6 courses in each semester; PhD courses at Vienna University since 1996 in practical theology, regional theology and academic writting for theologians. Regularly attendence with paper on European conferences of EASR, IASR, ISORECEA, ET.


2015: Doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Science. Title of the thesis: Vallásnézet [Approaches to religion in Central and Eastern Europe];
2011: PhD at University of Pécs (Hungary) in Science of Communication. Title of Thesis: Religious Communication and Discourse on Religion. Supervisor: Özséb Hor
2007: Badge for Higher Education (Hungarian Ministry for Education);
2002: Tolerance Award from the Jewish Community of Debrecen;
1996: Habilitation at University of Vienna, Catholic Theological Faculty. Thesis: Bulányi and the Bokor-Movement. Explanation in Practical Theology;
1991: PhD at University of Vienna in Catholic Theology. Thesis: “Signes of Time” Theological interpretation of the system change in Hungary. Supervisor: Paul M. Zulehner;
1989: MA in catholic theology at University of Vienna;
1983: Absolutorium in catholic theology and religious education at Theological College in Szeged (Hungary)

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