Petr Maťa

Academic Rank: 
Visiting Professor
Nador u. 11

I am a historian of early modern Europe, with a particular interest in the Central European history which I find a fascinating area to explore through a transnational and comparative lens. My main field of expertise has been the Habsburg monarchy and the ways this multi-layered assymetric entity was shaped by (and itself impacted) various political, social, religious, economic and cultural developments. I have also spent much time researching and comparing early modern nobilities in various regions and from various perspectives such as social stratification, career strategies, political activity, religious affiliations, ideas of kinship and aristocratic multilingualism. My current research is centered on the role the seventeenth and eighteenth-century provincial estates played in the emerging Habsburg fiscal-military system.

Fellowships and employment:

2012–2013: CEU IAS, Budapest, EURIAS fellow (10 months)

since 2008: Assistant professor („Universitätsassistent“), University of Vienna, Institute of History/Institute for Austrian Historical Research (IfÖG)

2006–2008: University of Vienna, Lise Meitner fellow (24 months)

2006: GWZO Leipzig, guest scholar (3 months)

2002–2005: co-ordinator of the Czech–German graduate school (Graduiertenkolleg), Prague–Saarbrücken (36 months)

2002: GWZO Leipzig, research fellow (12 months)

1999–2000: various PhD reasearch scholarships in Stockholm/Uppsala (2 weeks), Vienna (6 months), Wrocław (2 months), Siena/Florence/Rome (5 months)

1999: GWZO Leipzig, guest scholar (2 months)

Research  interests:

• The early modern Habsburg monarchy in European context: state, societies, denominations, languages, administration

• Cultural, social and religious history of nobilities in the early modern Europe

• Catholic „charismatics“ in the age of confessionalization

Current  research  and  other  projects:

- Provincial estates in the Habsburg fiscal-military system: a comparison, 1620–1740

- The History of Administration in the early modern Habsburg Monarchy (editor together with Michael Hochedlinger and Thomas Winkelbauer)

- Leopold I´s autograph letters


Ph.D., History, Charles University (Prague), 2005
M.A., History, Charles University (Prague), 1997

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