Anastasiia Strakhova

May 11, 2020
Anastasiia Strakhova (MA) is a Perilman Post-Doctoral Fellow in the Center for Jewish Studies at Duke University. After CEU, she completed her PhD at Emory University (Atlanta, GA) in 2022 with a dissertation entitled “Selective Emigration: Border Control and the Jewish Escape in Late Imperial Russia, 1881-1914.”
"The two years that I spent at CEU defined me as a scholar and a person. For me, CEU is first of all about people, and nowhere else I could feel such a strong sense of community. The faculty completely changed my understanding of history and improved my analytical thinking, as well as research and writing skills. The staff created a unique atmosphere where I felt a part of the big supportive family. Last but not least, my fellow students were some of the most incredible and interesting people I have ever met. With the benefit of hindsight, I can say that CEU helps establish lifelong academic and personal connections."