Goran Miljan

May 11, 2020

Goran Miljan (MA 2009, PhD 2016) currently works as a researcher at the Hugo Valentin Centre, Department of History, Uppsala University. At the moment he is the lead researcher on the project The Unwanted Citizens: The Holocaust and the Aryanization of Jewish Property in Romania and the Independent State of Croatia (NDH), 1940-1945, funded by Marcus och Amalia Wallenbergs Foundation and a researcher on the project Segmented Narratives, Conflicting Histories: Social Memory about the Second World War in the Western Balkans, 1989–2018.

"The opportunity to do my MA and Ph.D. studies at the Department of History significantly influenced both my professional and personal development. The experience gained during my studies at the Department helped me to grow as a scholar by introducing me to the multitudes of theoretical and interdisciplinary approaches, and by understanding the value and importance of comparative thinking and research in history. On the individual level, it was a pleasure and a privilege to be a member of such a diverse and rewarding social and intellectual community, where one was expected to raise questions and engage in discussions."