For Prospective Students

The Department of History is a top-tier research and teaching unit at Central European University (CEU) in Vienna, Austria. The international academic environment challenges our faculty and students to study the past and present using the most innovative methodologies and theoretical frameworks from a global perspective in order to produce new knowledge and ground-breaking research.

We offer a vibrant intellectual environment that encourages a comparative and interdisciplinary approach to history. While we have particular strength in European, Russian, and Middle Eastern history, we welcome students to explore a broad range of topics in Asian, African, American, and global history. Our historical studies encompass the past as well as contemporary expressions of the past, with acute attention to historical resonances in the present and precedents for the future.

The Department of History owes its versatility and global outlook to its cosmopolitan faculty and student body, whose current members come from around the world. We are proud that our alumni are pursuing successful carriers in academic and professional fields or continuing their Ph.D. education in the leading universities of Europe and the United States. At our department students find an environment that encourages them to develop independent, innovative, and critical open minds, based on rigorous training of analytical skills and uses of sources and archival materials. Virtually all of our students receive grants, fellowships, as well as other forms of need- and merit-based financial assistance. 

Our department closely cooperates with related teaching units (Medieval Studies DepartmentDepartment of Gender Studies, the Nationalism Studies Program) and research centers (Open Society ArchivesPasts Inc.Center for Eastern Mediterranean Studies, the Center for Religious Studies, and the Jewish Studies Program).

For detailed information on our programs, see our current list of degrees offered.

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