University Exchanges

The Department of History entertains a number of strategic partnerships and exchange programs for faculty and students with leading international universities. These exchange programs facilitate study abroad and reflect a larger network for research opportunities. As the research projects of the faculty members change and as the Department develops continously its profile, exchange programs alternate and expand as well. Please see the list below of some of the Department's partnerships:

In the United States, we have a number of exchange programs with the University of Purdue (faculty and student exchange), University of Princeton (Annual Graduate conference "Europe and the World"), and with Bard College, NY (an undergraduate exchange program). 

In Europe, we are part of a consortium of universities with the EUI, Florence, and the University of Vienna (GRACEH, annual Graduate conference), with the Excellence clusters of Ludwig Maximilian University, Regensburg University (graduate school East and Southeast European Studies), and Wilhelm University of Munster (Politics and Religion).

In the non-European context, we are preparing an exchange program with the University of Foreign Studies in Tokyo.