Katherine Sorrels

February 10, 2014

Katherine Sorrels received her MA from CEU in 2000. She is currently Associate Professor of the history of modern German-speaking Europe at the University of Cincinnati in Cincinnati, Ohio. She chose to attend CEU after studying in a similar international environment at the University of Graz during her undergraduate study. In the words of Sorrels, "I've benefitted tremendously from my year at CEU. First of all, I took a range of excellent courses in history and several of the interdisciplinary programs (e.g., Gender Studies and Nationalism Studies). The result was that I entered my PhD program at the University of Pittsburgh with both a broad awareness of what was going on in my field as well as a level of focus which undoubtedly eased my progress through the program...I made both friends and professional contacts at CEU with whom I continue to stay in touch. This network of friends and colleagues in the region is probably the most rewarding long-term benefit of my time in Budapest."