Courses Offered in Recent Years

East European History in Context: Problems and Debates

Empire and Nationalism in Russia and the Soviet Union

Global Comparisons: Russia and the Ottoman Empire, 1453-1839

Intellectuals and the Great War

Intelligentsia and Peasantry in Modern East European History: Social Processes and Cultural Constructions (19th-20th Centuries)

Media, Communication and Communism in International Context

Mobility, Exchange, and Revolution: Introduction to Modern Central Asian Historiography

1917: Revolution and Reverberation

Socialist Intermediaries: the Institutions and Practice of Transnational Communism

The Atomic Age

The Russian Revolution as History: Master Class in Historiography

The Soviet Experiment From Lenin to Stalin: Comparative and Entangled Perspectives

Totalitarianism and Mass Politics: Comparative Perspectives on Fascism and Communism