Teaching Early Modern History at CEU

WINTER 2018/2019

Historiography II: Grand Debates in Russian and Eurasian History (Hennings, Jan)

Historiography II: Grand Debates in Central European History (Trencsenyi, Balazs, Klaniczay, Gabor)

Court, Church, and City in Habsburg Empires, 1500-1918 (Radway, Robyn)

Discourses of Order II: An Introduction to Modern Political Thought (Riedl, Matthias)

Government and Knowledge: Ideas and Practices of State Building in Early Modern Europe (Kontler, Laszlo)

Inventing Humanity. History, Anthropology, Politics, Representation (16th-19th Centuries) (Laszlo Kontler, Marcell Sebok)

Dynastic States and Royal Courts in Early Modern Eurasian History (1450-1700) (Günhan Börekçi)

Spinoza and Leibniz (Mike Griffin)

Judaism and Christianity (Carsten Wilke)

Jewish Cultural Heritage (Carsten Wilke)

FALL 2018/2019

TS II Political Theology - Ancient and Modern (Riedl, Matthias)

Barbarians, Infidels and Noble Savages: Stereotypes and Inter-cultural Perception in the Early Modern Period and Beyond (Hennings, Jan)

The Connected Histories of State- and Confession-Building in a Eurasian Perspective, 1400s-1700s (Krstic, Tijana)

Recent Trends in Habsburg Historiography (Radway, Robyn)

Foundations I: State and Religion (Al-Azmeh, Aziz)

Early Modern Philosophy (Mike Griffin)

Early Modern Science: Experiments and Visualization (Marcell Sebok)

Comparing Collections: from Early Modern to Late Modern Museums (Marcell Sebok)

SPRING 2017/18

Master Class in Historiography (Carlo Ginzburg)

WINTER 2017/18

Dynastic States and Royal Courts in Early Modern Eurasian History, 1450-1700 (Günhan Börekçi)

Renaissance: Culture, Institutions, Representations (Gyorgy Endre Szony) 

Historiography II: Grand Debates in Russian and Eurasian History (Jan Hennings, Charles Shaw)

Art in the Service of the Nation: 1750-2000 (Robyn Radway)

Borderlands in Islamic History (Tolga Esmer)

FALL 2017/18

The Perfect Ambassador: International Relations and the Origins of Diplomacy 1500-1800 (Jan Hennings)

Sources, Methods and New Perspectives in Ottoman History, 15th to 18th c. (Günhan Börekçi)

Witchcraft and Magic in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe - Theory, Religion, and Practice (Gabor Klaniczay) 

Scientific Revolution and the Republic of Letters (Marcell Sebök) 

Religious and Political Thought in the Reformation (Matthias Riedl) 

The Ottoman Balkans and its Legacies Today (Tolga Esmer)

WINTER 2016/17

Advanced Source Reading Class in Ottoman Historiography (16th-17th centuries) (Günhan Börekçi)

Ascension on High: Occult Theories and Practice from Antiquity to the Renaissance (Gyorgy E. Szonyi)

The “Seventeenth-century Crisis” in Comparative Perspective: European and Ottoman Experiences (Günhan Börekçi)

Historiography II: Grand Debates in Mediterranean History (Brett Wilson, Volker Menze)

Historiography II: Grand Debates in Russian and Eurasian History (Charles Shaw, Jan Hennings)

History on film / Film on History – Medieval and Renaissance Themes (Gyorgy E. Szonyi)

Judaism and Christianity (Carsten L. Wilke)

Orthodox Traditions in the East of Europe and beyond. Middle Ages – XXIst century (Mikhail Dmitriev)

FALL 2016/17

Foundations I: Religion and State (lecture, A. Al-Azmeh)

Global Comparisons: Russia and the Ottoman Empire, 1453-1839 (lecture and tutorial, J. Hennings, T. Krstic, A. Medzibrodszky)

Religion and Political Thought: Europe 1200-1700 (lecture and source reading, M. Riedl, M. Pjecha, A. Medzibrodszky)

History of Material Culture (14th-17th centuries) (A. Choyke, G. Jaritz)

Eastern Christians in the Ottoman Empire, 14th-18th Centuries (T. Krstic)

Everyday Life History in Empire and Beyond (T. Esmer, P. Beckert)

Science and Religion - Topical Survey (Karl Hall)

Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason and Rationalism and Empiricism (Mike Griffin)