Empires in the Nineteenth Century

 The research group provides a discussion platform for students as well as interested faculty members and guests to deepen their understanding of empires throughout the “long” 19th century and neighbouring periods. To allow a focused and meaningful exchange, we concentrate on working with sources. The group plans to organize meetings throughout the academic year.

 Participants are encouraged to present their ongoing work or research interests and exchange ideas about theoretical and methodological approaches with the help of concrete sources. This opens up a broad range of discussion topics and the opportunity to recontextualise our understanding of empires in an era that was crucial for their development and that of the modern world.

In the 2019 winter term, four overarching themes will be explored in sets of up to three weekly events. During each thematic unit, a workshop session will take place, open for all who want to present and discuss one or multiple sources that fit the theme. The other two weeks of each unit may feature a guest lecture and a “cultural event”, e.g. film screenings with discussion (and cookies!).


Nikita Fomin – fomin_nikita@student.ceu.edu

Lydia Kotlyar – kotlyar_lydia@student.ceu.edu

Svetlana Lazutina (contact person) – lazutina_svetlana@student.ceu.edu

Sven Mörsdorf (contact person) – morsdorf_sven@student.ceu.edu

Muhammet Mazı - mazi_muhammet@student.ceu.edu

Kseniya Venediktova – venediktova_kseniya@student.ceu.edu