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6-8 September (University of Oxford)
The Oxford-Princeton-Münster-Budapest-Istanbul Early Modern Workshop: "Material Exchange in the Early Modern World"

8 November 2016, 17.30
Colloquium Talks by Sarah Hutton: Goodness in Anne Conway`s Metaphysics

9 November 2016, 18.00
Public lecture by Professor Alfred J. Rieber: Current Approaches to Global History - Regionalism in World and Global History: The Case of Ukraine

9 November 2016, 17.30
Research Seminar: Symmetry and Asymmetry in the Gardens of Versailles by Catherine Szántó

10-12 November, 2016
International Conference: Sacred Polities, Natural Law and the Law of Nations in the 16th-17th Centuries

16 November, 2016, 17.30
Research Seminar:  Syriac Malayalam : Unknown Christian literature from South India by István Perczel

17 November, 2016
Public lecture by Giancarlo Casale:  Did Alexander the Great Discover America?: Humanist Debate in Ottoman Istanbul

1 December, 2016
Public lecture by Bernard Heyberger:  Books, Scholarship, and Eastern Christianity (17th-18th C.)

6-9 December, 2016
Natalie Zemon Davis Annual Lecture Series 2016

25 January, 11am
Public lecture by Tracey Sowerby: Approaching Religious Differences in Early Modern Diplomacy: Tudor Diplomacy in a Multi-confessional Age

31 January 2017, 17.30
Public lecture by  Erich Landsteiner: Commodity Chain and Labour Relations in the Iron and Steel Production of the Innerberg District (Upper Austria/Styria) in the Early Modern Period.

16 February 2017, 17.30
Public lecture by Lyndal Roper:  Dreams

22 February 2017, 17.30
Public lecture by Robyn D. Radway: Muddling East and West: Costume and Identification in the Early Modern Borderlands of Habsburg and Ottoman Europe

2 March, 2017, 17.30
Book launch by Jan Hennings: Russia and Courtly Europe: Ritual and the Culture of Diplomacy, 1648–1725.

23 March 2017, 15.30
Seminar Session by Paul Russel: Hume's Sensible Atheism Between "True Religion" and "Militant Atheism" (location: Nador 11, Room 004)

3 May 2017, 17.30
Public lecture by Jeroen Duindam:  The Global History of Dynasty: a plea for comparison3 May

8 May 2017, 17.30
Book launch by Carsten Wilke: Farewell to Shulamit: Spatial and Social Diversity in the Song of Songs

9 May 2017, 17.30
Public lecture by Robert Darnton:  Censors at Work: Bourbon France, British India, and Communist East Germany

24 May 2017, 17.30
Public lecture by Pieter Judson: Rethinking the Habsburg Monarchy Rethinking the Habsburg Monarchy and its Legacies in Central Europe

14 June 2017, 17.30
Public lecture by Henry Shapiro: Eremia K‘eōmurchean and the Origins of the Armeno-Turkish Translation Movement in Seventeenth 

15 June 2017, 17.30
Book launch by Marianna D. Birnbaum and Marcell Sebok: Practices of Coexistence. Constructions of the Other in Early Modern Perceptions.

26 September 2017, 17.30
Public lecture by Martha Chaiklin: Corollaries of Faith: Catholic Missions and Ivory in the Early Modern World

26 September 2017, 19.00
Concert: J. S. Bach & Philip Glass

27 September 2017, 17.30
Public lecture by Farkas Gabor Kiss: The Renaissance and the origins of the concept of the Middle Ages

11 October 2017, 17.30
Public lecture by Michael Korey: New Light on Old Instruments: An Optical Safari in Search of the World's Oldest Surviving Telescopes

19 October 2017, 17.30
EMS - Welcome afternoon

31 October 2017, 15.30
Colloquium Talks by Charles T. Wolfe: From substantival to functional vitalism and beyond: souls, organisms—and Margaret Cavendish

21 November 2017, 15.30
Colloquium Talks by Chris Meyns: Cavendish on Panpsychism and Natural Order

30 November 2017, 17.00
Public lecture by Jan Hennings: IMPERIAL ENTANGLEMENTS AND EXCHANGES IN THE BLACK SEA REGION LECTURE SERIES: Towards a Biography of an Office: Peter Tolstoi and the First Russian Diplomatic Residence in Istanbul at the Beginning of the Eighteenth Century

4 December 2017, 17.30
Workshop by Stephan Sander: New Approaches to the Renaissance Adriatic: The imperial age of Venice and its commonwealth

5 December 2017, 17.30
Public lecture by Stephan Sander: Lordship and State (De-) Formation Bohemia from the Thirty Years’ War to Charles VI

18 January 2018, 17.00

22 February 2018, 17.00
Public lecture by Gelina Harlaftis: IMPERIAL ENTANGLEMENTS AND EXCHANGES IN THE BLACK SEA REGION LECTURE SERIES: Maritime History: The globalization process of the Black Sea in the nineteenth century

22 March 2018, 17.00
Colloquium Talks by Christian Windler: Missionaries in Persia: Cultural diversity and competing norms in early modern global Catholicism