Labor and State Socialism in East Central Europe

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Nador u. 13
Saturday, November 3, 2012 - 9:00am
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Saturday, November 3, 2012 - 9:00am to 5:00pm

Workshop on Labor and State Socialism in East Central Europe

(doctoral students’ work in progress)


Date & Venue: Saturday, 3rd of November, Room 002, Nador utca 13

Organizer: CEU, History Department


Session I

Chair: Adrian Grama


10:00 introduction


10:15 Alina Cucu (Sociology, CEU): The Factory as Knowledge Producing Unit

during Socialism


11.00 coffee break


11:15 Hanna Szemző (History, CEU.): Pension and Work: a Story of Unintended

Consequences during Socialism


12:30 lunch break


Session II

Chair: Hanna Szemző 


13:30 Adrian Grama (History, CEU): Labour’s Logic: The Social Limits of

Stalinization in Romania, 1941-1945



14:30 Dan Cîrjan (History, CEU): Organizing the ‘Wide Participation of the

Working Class’ in Socialist Romania


15:30 coffee break


16:00 final remarks on the state of labour studies and state socialism


Guest Comments:


Gijs Kessler, Senior Research Fellow and Head of Collection Development Russia and Eastern Europe at International Institute for Social History, Amsterdam


Joszef Böröcz, Professor, Department of Sociology, Rutgers University


CEU Faculty:


Jacek Kochanowicz, Visiting Professor, CEU, History Department


Marsha Siefert, Associate Professor, CEU, History Department


Susan Zimmermann, Professor, CEU, History & Gender Departments