Nadia Al-Bagdadi (Department of History). Middle Eastern and Arab studies 

 Hanoch Ben-Yami (Department of Philosophy). Early modern philosophy, especially Descartes, with emphasis on its cultural context

Günhan Börekçi (Department of Medieval Studies). Early modern Ottoman political, military and social history, and the seventeenth-century crises

 Mikhail V. Dmitriev (Department of History). Russian Orthodox Church

 Tolga Esmer (Department of History). Ottoman social and cultural history, Ottoman Balkans

 Josefine Baark (EMS Junior Research Fellow, 2018/19). Early modern globalization and models of daily life in China

 Mike Griffin (Department of Philosophy). History of philosophy, especially Leibniz, Descartes, Spinoza, and Locke

Tomasz Grusiecki Tomasz Grusiecki (EMS Junior Research Fellow, 2017/18). East-Central Europe, Poland-Lithuania, art history

 Jan Hennings (Department of History). Muscovy and imperial Russia, Europe and Russia, Russian-Ottoman relations, early modern foreign relations, new diplomatic history

 Gerhard Jaritz (Department of Medieval Studies). Social history and material culture

 Gábor Klaniczay (Department of Medieval Studies). Historical anthropology, history of witchcraft beliefs and prosecutions

 László Kontler (Department of History). Intellectual history, Habsburg monarchy, Enlightenment studies

 Tijana Krstić (Department of Medieval Studies). Ottoman cultural and religious history

 József Laszlovszky (Department of Medieval Studies). Cultural heritage, environmental studies, archaeology

 István Perczel (Department of Medieval Studies). Eastern Christianity, early colonial history of India

 Robyn D. Radway  (IAS, Department of History). Early modern Central Europe, Habsburg, Ottoman Hungary, art history

 Marcell Sebők (Department of Medieval Studies). Cultural history and history of science

 Matthias Riedl (Department of History). Religious and political thought, revolutionary apocalypticsm, religion and violence, Reformation, Thomas Müntzer 

 Béla Zsolt Szakács (Department of Medieval Studies). Art history

 Katalin Szende (Department of Medieval Studies). Central European urban and social history, material culture, history of pragmatic literacy

 Endre György Szőnyi (Department of History). Renaissance studies, visual culture, Western esotericism/Hermeticism

 Balázs Trencsényi (Department of History). Discourses of collective identity

 Carsten Wilke (Departments of History and Medieval Studies). Hispanic monarchies, intellectual and cultural history of European Jewry, Jewish-Christian relations, Sephardi Jewry and early modern Iberian crypto-Judaism