Selected Alumni Profiles

Gábor Kármán

Gábor Kármán (MA 2003 and PhD 2010) is a senior research fellow at the Research Center for the Humanities (until recently of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences), Institute of History since 2013. He currently leads an ERC Consolidator Grant on the shared qualities observable in the diplomacy of individual small states situated on the border between the Ottoman Empire and Christianity in the 16th to 18th centuries. After CEU, he spent six years at the Research Center for the History and Culture of East Central Europe (GWZO) i

Marijana Kardum

Marijana Kardum, is a Teaching/Research Assistant at the University of Zagreb (Faculty of Teacher Education) and a researcher of the international research project Modern Women Thinkers ( and

Anastasia Felcher

Anastasia Felcher is an archivist responsible for the Slavic Collection at the Vera and Donald Blinken Open Society Archives of the CEU. She completed her MA at the CEU (2010) and her PhD at the IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca (2016). She is currently working on her first book, tentatively titled Jewish Cultural Heritage post-1989. Debates on Memory and Preservation in Eastern Europe.

Goran Miljan

Goran Miljan (MA 2009, PhD 2016) currently works as a researcher at the Hugo Valentin Centre, Department of History, Uppsala University. At the moment he is the lead researcher on the project The Unwanted Citizens: The Holocaust and the Aryanization of Jewish Property in Romania and the Independent State of Croatia (NDH), 1940-1945, funded by Marcus och Amalia Wallenbergs Foundation and a researcher on the project Segmented Narratives, Conflicting Histories: Social Memory about the Second World War in the Western Balkans, 1989–2018.

Olga Kartashova

Olga Kartashova is a doctoral student at the Skirball Department of Hebrew and Judaic Studies, New York University and a contractor researcher at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies.