Student Representatives

At the beginning of every academic year, CEU history students elect representatives who serve as a liaison between faculty and students. In addition to attending faculty meetings and assisting their classmates with academic matters, representatives participate in Student Union assemblies, organize departmental events, and contribute as active members of the larger CEU community. The one-year MA representatives include two new students, while the two-year MA representatives include one new and one returning student. PhD students typically select three representatives—two first-year students and one returning student. Below you will find the profiles of current student representatives and their contact information.


Henry Blood (USA)

Henry graduated with a BA from the University of Chicago where he studied History and Human Rights. His current research focuses on childhood education in the German Democratic Republic. He is originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 


Ivana Mihaela Žimbrek (Croatia)

Ivana graduated with a BA and an MA in Art History and Comparative Literature from the University of Zagreb. She is currently doing research on consumerist culture in Socialist Yugoslavia.


Two-year MA representatives

Md. Abusalah Sakender (Bangladesh)

Md. Abusalah Sakender obtained his BA (Honours) in Islamic History and Culture and MA in Islamic History and Culture with specialization on Sociological History of Islam from the University of Dhaka in Bangladesh. He has been working as an Assistant Professor of Jagannath University (now study leave). He is also a Social-Activist. As a part of this work he has been writing post-editorials and commentaries in the Daily newspapers in Bangladesh. His current research focuses on Islamization in Bangladesh under the Military Rule (1975-1981). He came from Khulan, Bangladesh. 


PhD representatives

Isidora Grubacki (Serbia)

Isidora graduated with BA in Comparative Literature and Literary Theory from the University of Belgrade. During her MA and PhD studies at CEU History department, she is focusing on the discourses on women's emancipation and the intellectual and organizational history of feminism in interwar Yugoslavia.


Réka KRizmanics (HungARY)

Réka graduated with BA in History (ELTE, Budapest), and an MA in Nationalism Studies (CEU); currently she is in the third year of the doctoral program at the Department of History. Her research focuses on historical knowledge production in the 1980s, comparing the cases of Hungary and Croatia. She is also involved in various projects dealing with state socialist and post-1989 politics of history in Central Europe.