Agnė Rimkutė

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Agnė has completed a BA in Cultural History and Anthropology program from Vilnius University and a MA in Comparative History from Central European University. Her MA thesis focused on one of the crucial players in Yugoslav film industry of the 1960s – Neoplanta film production house. Analyzing both social practices (funding models, administrative relations) and social discourses that encompassed the production of some of the most important Yugoslav New Wave films, the thesis sought to understand the often contradictory institutional designs that were supposed to facilitate the project of socialist self-management. Agnė‘s current dissertation research concentrates on the film industries of the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia and seeks to shed some light on the way in which mass cultural production was perceived, managed and practiced under two different types of socialist societies: the self-management socialism of the SFRY and state socialist USSR.


BA in History, Vilnius University
MA in Comparative History, Central European University



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