Isidora Grubački

Year of Enrollment: 

My PhD dissertation is tentatively titled: The Politics of Feminisms in Interwar Yugoslavia: Local, National and Transnational Perspectives. The dissertation is co-supervised by professors Balazs Trencsenyi and Francisca de Haan.

Fields of Interest: Intellectual history of feminisms; Transnational women’s history; History of Yugoslavia; Gendered Labour History; Twentieth-century political history and history of ideologies in the interwar period in Southeastern and Central Europe;

• Book Chapter “Communism, Left Feminism and Generations in the 1930s: The Case of Yugoslavia,” Gender, Generations and Communism in Central and South-Eastern Europe, eds. by Anna Artwińska and Agnieszka Mrozik. London: Routledge 2020.
• Article, “The Emergence of the Yugoslav Interwar Liberal Feminist Movement and The Little Entente of Women: An Entangled History Approach (1919-1924),” Feminist Encounters, A Journal of Critical Studies in Culture and Politics 4, no. 2 (2020), guest editors Maria Bucur, Krassimira Daskalova, and Sally R Munt.
• Conference Paper, “Angažman Vere Štajn Erlih u časopisu Žena danas (1936-1940)” [Vera Stein Erlich's Engagement in Magazine Žena Danas/Woman Today (1936-1940)]. In: Collection of Articles: The Magazine “Woman Today”. Peer-reviewed and accepted for publication, forthcoming.
• Book chapter “Women Activists’ Relation to Peasant Women’s Work in the 1930s Yugoslavia,” Women, Work and Agency. Organizing and activism around the world in the long 20th century, edited by Eloisa Betti, Silke Neunsinger, Leda Papastefanaki, Marica Tolomelli, and Susan Zimmermann, submitted, currently undergoing peer review.

Mobility and Networks:
• January – March 2021 (accepted) - Cambridge University, Visiting Student, under the supervision of Dr. Celia Donert – CEU Doctoral Research Support Grant.
• September - December 2020 - Erasmus Internship at the Department of History, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, with Prof. Marta Verginella, PhD, and within the internship collaboration on the ERC project Eirene - Post-war transitions in gendered perspective: The case of the North-Eastern Adriatic region.
• COST Action "Worlds of Related Coercions in worK" (WORCK) - Management Committee substitute member.
• COST Action “Who Cares in Europe?”, Management Committee substitute member.

Conferences and Workshops:
• 4th International Conference Socialism on the Bench CONTINUITIES AND INNOVATIONS, organized by Juraj Dobrila University of Pula and Centre for Cultural and Historical Research of Socialism, September 2019.
• Workshop Women (and Men) of the Old and New Left: Collective Identities, Generational Encounters and Memory of the 20th-Century Left-Feminist Activism, organized by The Institute for Advanced Study and the Department of Gender Studies, Central European University, Budapest, January 2019.
• International Conference New perspectives in feminist labour history: work and activism, hosted by the Department of History and Cultures, University of Bologna, January 2019.
• Workshop Feminist Thought and Socialism in Eastern Europe between 1945-1989, organized by Zsófia Lóránd, as a part of research project “Texts and Contexts from the History of Feminism and Women’s Rights in East Central Europe,” CEU Budapest, May 2017.

Organization of scholarly events and participation in projects:
• Research assistant for the "Women and Social Movements in Modern Empires" project, the Habsburg module; Production of 34 abstracts/keywords pertaining to Serbian women in Vojvodina for the document cluster ‘Habsburg Empire, 1820-1918’ (responsible editor: Susan Zimmermann) of the database Women and Social Movements in Modern Empires (WASMME), eds Kathryn Kish Sklar and Thomas Dublin. Alexander Street Press;;
• Local organizer (together with Susan Zimmermann) of the first WORCK Conference, taking place in September 2020 at the CEU in Budapest.

Teaching experience
• Teaching Assistant for Historiography Lecture and Seminar with professors László Kontler and Daniel Ziemann
• Teaching Assistant for Discourses of Crisis: Texts and Contexts with professor Balázs Trencsényi

Awards / Recognitions
• Academic Achievement Award for First-Year Doctoral Students in the school year 2017/2018.


MA in Comparative History, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary
MA in Cultural Policy and Management, UNESCO Chair MA in Cultural Policy and Management, University of Arts in Belgrade
BA in Comparative Literature and Literary Theory, Belgrade University, Faculty of Philology, Department for Comparative Literature and Theory of Literature