Vilius Kubekas

Year of Enrollment: 

I am a doctoral candidate interested in modern European intellectual history. My PhD project titled “The Will to Culture: Lithuanian Catholic Intellectuals, Nation-Building and the ‘Spiritual Crisis,’ 1918-1940” explores the rise and decline of the so-called philosophy of culture, a discipline that was popular among Lithuanian Catholic intellectuals during the interwar period. By tracing the lives and thought of two generations of Catholic intellectuals, the thesis investigates how various trends of Catholicism, conservative ideologies, Neo-Scholasticism, corporatist social theory and Lithuanian nationalism interacted with each other. My aim is to see how these intellectuals responded to the changing circumstances of international politics. I approach Lithuanian Catholic intellectuals as part of a wider European story, showing how in their writings they appropriated concepts and ideas characteristic to Catholicism in Europe to the particular circumstances of Lithuanian nation building. Therefore, I am also interested in similar phenomena and case studies across Europe, such as the Conservative Revolution in Germany, or the “non-conformist” Personalism in France and other European countries.

During my Doctoral studies I was granted fellowships at the Herder Institute in January 2019 (Marburg, Germany), the Leibniz Institute of European History (IEG) in March 2019 – February 2020 (Mainz, Germany), and the German Historical Institute in Warsaw in October – November 2020 (Warsaw, Poland). I presented my research in conferences and colloquia in Budapest (Hungary), Vienna (Austria), Mainz (Germany), Jyväskylä (Finland), Warsaw (Poland), London (UK), and at Stanford (USA). In addition to my PhD research, in 2017-2019 I was working as a Junior Researcher at Vilnius University in project titled “Political Catholicism and Conservatism: (Trans)formations of Tradition.” The project investigated the history of Lithuanian Catholicism during the twentieth century and was funded by the Research Council of Lithuania. My contribution in the project was a chapter on Catholic political economy in the forthcoming book.


MA in Comparative History with Advanced Certificate in Political Thought, Central European University
MA in History, Vilnius University
BA in History with specialization in the Early Modern period, Vilnius University