PhD Dissertations in Early Modern Studies since 2007

Current PhD students (scroll down for defended PhD dissertations)

Bartha, Dávid God, World and Archetypes: The Question of Voluntarism in Berkeley’s Philosophy (Supervisor: Michael V. Griffin, Philosophy) 

Becskereki, Ida Modality and Salvation; Logical Commitments in Thomas Buckingham's Soteriology (Supervisor: György Geréby, Medieval Studies)

Bencze, Ünige On the Border: Western Monastic Orders in Medieval Transylvania (Eleventh to Sixteenth Century) (Supervisors: József Laszlovszky, Katalin Szende, Medieval Studies)

Bilaloglu, Ahmet Trans-Imperial Networks of Knowledge Production and Its Dissemination: Yirmisekiz-zâde Mehmed Said Paşa and his Network (Supervisors: Tolga U. Esmer, Nadia Al-Bagdadi, History) 

Dikavicius, Povilas Honor in Harmony. Social Unity Based on Ethical Virtue in Renaissance Poland-Lithuania (History)

Eke, Zsuzsanna Wooden Church Furnishings and the Art of Joiners in Sixteenth-Century Transylvania. Influences and Workshops (Supervisor: Gerhard Jaritz, Medieval Studies)                       

Ferenczi, László Landscapes of Power. A Spatial Analysis of the Economic and Social Background of Cistercian Expansion (Supervisor: József Laszlovszky, Medieval Studies)

Göde, Zsófia Spinoza's Religious Philosophy and Biblical Hermeneutics and Possible Connections to Medieval Jewish Philosophical Traditions (Supervisor: Michael V. Griffin, Philosophy) 

Kliuchnik, Alena From Europe to “European Asia”: Western Representations of Poland, Lithuania and Muscovy in the Fifteenth – Sixteenth Centuries. A Comparative Approach (Supervisor: Gerhard Jaritz, Medieval Studies)

Mariani,  Giacomo Roberto Caracciolo da Lecce’s Sermons as a Source for Religious and Intellectual History of Late Fifteenth-century Italy (Supervisor: Gábor Klaniczay, Medieval Studies)

Mérai, Dóra Tradition and Transformation in Transylvanian Stone Sepulchers in the Face of the Reformation (Supervisor: József Laszlovszky, Medieval Studies)

Mézes, Ádám Doubt and Diagnosis: Medical Experts Facing the Supernatural in 18th century Habsburg Monarchy (Supervisor: Laszlo Kontler, History)

Muntan, Emese Negotiating Catholic Reform and Ottoman Subjecthood: Communal and Confessional Boundaries in the Missionary Work of Bosnian Franciscans, 1622-1658 (Supervisor: Tijana Krstić, Medieval Studies)

Mustaţă, Radu The Syriac Version of Pedro Gomez's Treatise on the Seven Sacraments of the Church  and the Syriac Legacy of Francisco Roz (Supervisors: István Perczel, Volker Menze, Medieval Studies)

Năstăsoiu, Dragoş The Representation in Mural Painting of the sancti reges Hungariae in the Fourteenth to Sixteenth Century as a Religious, Political, Social, and Artistic Phenomenon (Supervisors: Béla Zsolt Szakács, Gábor Klaniczay, Medieval Studies)

Orbán, Áron Born for Phoebus. Solar-astral Symbolism and Poetical Self-representation in Conrad Celtis and his Humanist Circles (Supervisor: György Szőnyi, History)

Pantić, Nikola Networks of the Holy: The Levantine Sufis and Religious Practices in the Ottoman Eighteenth Century (Supervisor: Aziz Al-Azmeh, History)

Pataki, Katalin The Place of Faith - The Implementation of Joseph II’s Church Policies in the Hungarian Kingdom (Supervisor: Laszlo Kontler, History)

Pjecha, Martin Changing Discourses of Violence in the Hussite Movement (early 15th c.) (Supervisor: Matthias Riedl, History)

Putnik, Noel The Patristic and Medieval Christian Heritage in the Works of Cornelius Agrippa (Supervisors: György Geréby, György Szőnyi, Medieval Studies and History)

Sikora, Ewelina Table Set for Diplomats: Food, Drink, and Politics in Polish-Lithuanian Diplomatic Relations, 1674–1696 (Supervisor: Jan Hennings, History)

Shpakau, Miraslau Proto-national Discourse in Late Medieval Lithuania (1385-1530s): A Comparative Perspective

Stark, Karen Our Lady of Our Land: The Sacred Landscape of Marian Sanctuaries in East-Central Europe, 14th-16th centuries (Supervisor: Gábor Klaniczay, József Laszlovszky, Medieval Studies)

Sünnetcioglu, Halil Zekeriyazade Yahya Efendi (d. 1644) and His Legal Thought: An Intellectual Biography (Supervisor: Tijana Krstić, Medieval Studies)

Szabó, Barnabás Churches Wedding the Union: Comparing 18th-century Scotland and Catalonia (Supervisor: László Kontler)

Vadas, András The Control and Appropriation of Water Resources in Late Medieval and Early Modern Hungary (15th–17th centuries) (Supervisors: Alice Mathea Choyke, Katalin Szende, Medieval Studies)

Selected PhD dissertations (2007-2016)

Bálint, Emese Mechanism of Social Control in an Early Modern Town : the Case of Kolozsvár in Late Sixteenth and Early Seventeenth Centuries (2007, supervisors: Katalin Péter, History)

Bobory, Dóra Boldizsár Batthyány (1537-1590):Erudition, Natural Sciences, Patronage, and Friendship in the Life of a Sixteenth-Century Hungarian Nobleman (2007, supervisor:  Katalin Szende, Medieval Studies)

Deák, Éva Expressing Elite Status Through Clothing in Early Modern Europe : the Examples of Gabriel Bethlen and Catherine Brandenburg (2007, supervisor: Katalin Péter, History )

Vincze, Hanna Orsolya The Politics of Translation and Transmission : the Beginnings of Political Theorising in the Hungarian Vernacular (2007, supervisor: Laszlo Kontler, History)

Sallay, Dóra Early Sienese Paintings in Hungarian Collections: 1420-1520 (2008, supervisor: Gábor Klaniczay, Medieval Studies)

Sarkadi, Emese Studies on Late Medieval Altarpieces of Transylvania (2008, supervisor: Marcell Sebők, Medieval Studies)

Zazulyak, Yuriy Enmity Dispute and Noble Community in the late Medieval Kingdom of Poland : Evidence of the Rus' Palatinate, 15th-Begining of 16th Centuries  (2008, supervisor: János Bak, Medieval Studies)

Goina, Mariana The Uses of Pragmatic Literacy in the Medieval Principalities of Moldavia and Wallachia (from the State Foundation to the End of the Sixteenth Century) (2009, supervisor: Gerhard Jaritz, Medieval Studies)

Gruia, Ana-Maria Religious Representations on Stove Tiles from the Medieval Kingdom of Hungary (2009, supervisor: József Laszlovszky, Medieval Studies)

Kunsmanaité, Jurgita Provisions for Widowhood in the Legal Sources of Sixteenth-Century Lithuania (2009, supervisor: Katalin Szende, Medieval Studies)

Polouektova, Ksenia Foreign Land as a Metaphor of One's Own: Travel and Travel Writing in Russian History and Culture, 1200s-1800s (2009, supervisor: Andras Kovacs, History)

Caproş, Iulia Students from Košice at Foreign Universities Before and During the Reformation Period in the Town (2010, supervisor: Katalin Szende, Medieval Studies)

Kármán, Gábor A 17th Century Odyssey in East Central Europe : a Biography of Jakab Harsanyi Nagy (2010, supervisor: Katalin Péter, History)

Réthelyi, Orsolya Mary of Hungary in Court Context (1521-1531) (2010, supervisor: Katalin Szende, Medieval Studies)

Kellner, Anikó Affectionate Interests and Interested Affections : the Normative Language of Early Seventeenth Century Interstate Relations (2012, supervisor: Laszlo Kontler, History)

Kunčević, Lovro The Myth of Ragusa : Discourses on Civic Identity in an Adriatic City-State (1350-1600) (2012, supervisor: Gerhard Jaritz, Medieval Studies)

Kurelić, Robert Society on the Border: Immigration, Integration and Conflict in the Late Medieval County of Pazin (2012, supervisor: Gerhard Jaritz, Medieval Studies)

Madunić, Domagoj Defensiones Dalmatiae: Governance and Logistics of the Venetian Defensive System in Dalmatia During the War of Crete (1645 - 1669) (2012, supervisor: Laszlo Kontler, History)

Pálosfalvi, Tamás The Noble Elite in the County of Körös (Križevci) 1400 - 1526 (2012, supervisor: Gábor Klaniczay, Medieval Studies)

Küplen, Mojca The Problem of Ugliness in Light of Kant's Aesthetics (2013, supervisor: David Weberman, Philosophy)

Ryzhkov, Vladimir Political Ideas in the Russian Historical Writing of the Age of Enlightenment : Mikhail Shcherbatov and Nikolai Karamazin  (2013, supervisor: Laszlo Kontler, History)

Arnăutu, Robert Early Modern Philosophy of Technology: Bacon and Descartes (2014, supervisor: Hanoch Ben Yami, Philosophy)

Flóra, Ágnes The Matter of Honour : the Leading Urban Elite in Sixteenth Century Cluj and Sibiu  (2014, supervisor: Katalin Szende, Medieval Studies)

Olaru, Vasile Writs and Measures: Symbolic Power and the Growth of State Infrastructure in Wallachia, 1740 - 1800 (2014, supervisor: Constantin Iordachi, History)

Artimon, Teodora The Proto-Myth of Stephen the Great of Moldavia (2015, supervisor: Gerhard Jaritz, Medieval Studies)

Drosztmér, Ágnes Images of Distance and Closeness: The Ottomans in Sixteenth-Century Hungarian Vernacular Poetry (2016, superisors: Marcell Sebők, György Szőnyi, Medieval Studies/History)

Kiss, Tamás Cyprus in Venetian and Ottoman Political Imagination, c. 1489-1582 (2016, supervisors: Tijana Krstić, György Szőnyi, Medieval Studies/History)

Savinetskaya, Irina The Politics and Poetics of Morbus Gallicus in the German Lands (1495 - 1520) (2016, supervisor: Gerhard Jaritz, Medieval Studies)