PhD Dissertations in Russian, Ukrainian and Eurasian History

Petrova, Olga - Ukrainian and Jewish National Ideas in the Revolution of 1917-1920

Berezina, Elizaveta - Between Arts and Crafts: Soviet Modernization of the Art Industry, 1932-1965

Kuziev, Faruh - Muslim Scientists, Muslim Battalions, Muslim Muslims: Sharora — a site of Cold War Connections (1950s-1990s)

Rimkutė, Agnė - Producing Socialism while Making Films: Film Industry in Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union (1957-1972)

Muhonen, Riikkamari - The Connections of Moscow-based People's Friendship University with the Developing World 1960-1982: A Case Study of Soviet Soft Power and Transnational Relations

Papushina, Anastasia - Concepts of Death and Suffering in Revolutionary Festivals: Comparing the Experience of French and Russian Revolution

Bystryk, Aliaksandr - From Poets to Revolutionaries: Transformation of the Belarusian National Movement during World War I

Medzibrodszky, Alexandra – Christianity, Socialism and Theo-political Visions in Late Imperial Russia

Posunko, Andriy - The Transformation of the New Russian Borderland: Adaptation and Resistance (1775 - 1835)

Koshulap, Yuriy - Confessional Nationalism and Unification Policies of Metropolitan Andrei Sheptytsky in the Interwar Galicia

Voronovici, Alexandr - The Ambiguities of Soviet “Piedmonts”: Soviet Borderland Policies in the Ukrainian SSR and the Moldovan ASSR, 1922-1934 (2016)

Karpova, Yulia - Designers’ Socialism: The Aesthetic Turn in Soviet Russia after Stalin (2015)

Mazanik, AnnaSanitation, Urban Environment and the Politics of Public Health in Late Imperial Moscow (2015)

Lember, UkuSilenced Ethnicity: Russian Estonian Marriages in Soviet Estonia (2014)

Khripachenko, TatianaNational Challenges to Decentralization: Autonomy and Federation in Russian Liberal Discourse, 1900-1914 (2014)

Kotenko, Anton – The Ukrainian National Project in Search of National Space: 1848-1914

Ryzhkov, Vladimir - Political Ideas in the Russian Historical Writing of the Age of Enlightenment: Mikhail Shcherbatov and Nikolai Karamzin (2013)

Polouektova, Ksenia - Foreign Land as a Metaphor of One's Own: Travel and Travel Writing in Russian History and Culture, 1200s-1800s (2009)

Cusco, AndreiBetween Nation and Empire: Russian and Romanian Competing Visions of Besarabia in the Second Half of the 19th and Early 20th Century (2008)

Dobrynin, Sergei - Soviet Cinema, Soviet Spaces: Everyday Life in Soviet Film, 1965-1985 (2007)

Klimkova, Oxana - The Gulag Microcosm: Life and Death at the White-Sea Baltic Combine of the NKVD, 1933-41 (2007)

Polova, Zoryana - Collaboration and Resistance in Western Ukraine, 1941-1947 (2007)

Taki, VictorRussia on the Danube: Imperial Expansion and Political Reform in Moldavia and Wallachia, 1812-1834 (2007)

Kucherova, Daria – Art and Spirituality in the Making of the Roerich Myth (2005)

Semyonov, Alexander - The Political Language of Russian Liberalism: The Liberation Movement, Constitutional-Democratic Party, and Public Politics in late Imperial Russia (2005)

Smahgliy, Kateryna - Patron-Clientelism and Ukrainian Political Elites in the 1960-2000s (2005)

Shlikhta, Natalia - The Survival of the Church under Soviet Rule: A Study in the Life of the Ukrainian Exarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church, 1945-1971 (2004)

Prokopovych, Markian - Architecture, Cultural Politics and National Identity: Lemberg 1772-1918. Entangling National Histories (2004)

Sarkisova, Oksana - Envisioned Communities: Representations of Nationalities in Non-Fiction Cinema in Soviet Russia, 1923-1935 (2004)

Dysa, Kateryna - Witchcraft Trials and Beyond: Right-Bank Side Ukrainian Trials of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries.(2004)

Kalkandjieva, Daniela - Ecclesio-Political Aspects of the International Activities of the Moscow Patriarchate, 1917-1948 (2004)

Berezhnaya, Lilya - Sub Specie Mortis: Perception of Death and the Afterlife in the Catholic and Orthodox Cultures of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in the 16th-17th Century (2003)

Sereda, Ostap - Shaping of a National Identity: Early Ukrainophiles in Austrian Eastern Galicia, 1860-1873 (2003)

Pilinkaite, Vilana - Family Structures and Strategies in Post-Emancipation Lithuania (2003)

Loskoutova, Marina - The Russian Provinces in the Search of Development: The Making of the Secondary School System, 1860-1880s (2000)