Selected MA Theses in Early Modern Studies since 2007

Current MA Students:

Avram Antonia-Oana Placing identities: The otherness of the Levant in 15th century pilgrims' travel accounts

Dremova Viktoriia Visual representation of the spontaneous generation theory in Early Modern European culture

Huckleberry Samuel The Inheritance of Sultans and Shahs: Charisma, Institution Building, and in Ottoman and Safavid Realms, 1514-1550

Kaplan Cankat Ibrahim al-Halabi al-Hanafi (d.1549): An Anti-Ibn ‘Arabi Imam in Istanbul in the 16th century

Mazi Muhammet The Ottoman Empire and Russian Tsardom in the Early Modern Period: Changing Perceptions and Sources of Information

Meftakhudinov Konstantin Russian Ambassador Missions to Sweden and Poland After the First Romanovs Coronations (1613-1682)

Simen Halit Serkan The Changing Power Relations in the Late Sixteenth-Century Ottoman Empire: The Transformation of the Patrimonial Empire and the Role of Timar Appointments

Sucu Cevat The concept of “encyclopedic texts” Süleymannâme written in Turkish by Firdevsi-i Rûmi in the 15th century Ottoman Rûm

Tchokhonelidze Tedo Eschatological Theology and the Oprichnina

Vargek Ivona Cathedral School of Zagreb between 13th and 15th century and its influence on distribution of knowledge

MA Theses in Early Modern Studies:

Ádám, Edina Pelbárt  of Temesvár and the Use of Images in Preaching (2008, supervisors: Gábor Klaniczay, György Szőnyi, Medieval Studies/History)

Artimon, Teodora Peter Rares and His Visual Concept: an Ambitious Sixteenth-Century PR Campaign? (2010, supervisors: Marcell Sebők, Béla Zsolt Szakács, Medieval Studies)

Bilaloglu, Ahmet  The Ottomans in the Early Enlightenment: The Case of Public Libraries in the Reign of Mahmud I (1730-54) (2013, supervisor: Tolga U. Esmer, History)

Calian, Florin "Spiritual Alchemy and the Function of Image. Coincidentia Oppositorum in Michael Maier's Atalanta Fugien" (2009, supervisors: György Szőnyi, Gerhard Jaritz, History/Medieval Studies)         

Calisir, Muhammed A Long March: the Ottoman Campaign in Hungary, 1663 (2009, Pál Fodor, History, Hungarian Academy of Sciences)            

Cismas, Sabina Power and Salvation: Donor Representations in Moldavia (Fifteenth to Seventeenth Centuries) (2008, supervisor: Gerhard Jaritz, Medieval Studies)       

Conklin, Tyler The Politics of Loyalty: The Confessional and Ethnic Loyalties of the Kurds in Seventeenth-Century Eastern Anatolia (2014, supervisor: Tijana Krstić, Medieval Studies)

Dana, Joseph Between Influence and Authority: The Rabbinate of the Seventeenth Century Portuguese Jewish Community of Amsterdam (2010, supervisor: Carsten Wilke, History)

Dikavicius, Povilas Pompa Funebris: Funeral Rituals and Civic Community in Seventeenth Century Vilnius (2016, supervisor: Matthias Riedl, History)

Dikici, Ayşe Ezgi Painting an Icon of an Ideal Gazi: An Explaration of the Cultural Meanings of The Love Affair Episode in Suzi Chelebi's Gazavatname of Mihaloglu Ali Bay (2007, supervisor: Cristian-Nicolae Gaşpar, Medieval Studies)                

Drosztmér, Ágnes Presentation of the Self in Different Genres: The Song Book of Ferenc Wathay      (2007, supervisors: Marcell Sebők, György Szőnyi, Medieval Studies/History)

Erkoç, Seda Repercussions of a Murder: The Death of Sehzade Mustafa on Early Modern English Stage (2008, supervisors: Marcell Sebők, György Szőnyi, Medieval Studies/History)

Farcaş, Andrei Octavian Maces in Medieval Transylvania Between the Thirteenth and the Sixteenth Centuries (2016, supervisor: József Laszlovszky, Medieval)

Ganea, Sabina Maria Reception of the Plague in Transylvania : Official Discourses from the 16th-17th Centuries (2016, supervisors: Gerhard Jaritz, Marcell Sebők, Medieval Studies)         

Gevorgyan, Narine Jami'-I 'Abbasi: Baha al-Din al-'Amili's Manual of Religious Instruction in the Context of State- and Confession-Building in Seventeenth-Century Safavid Iran and Beyond (2013, supervisors: Ferenc Csirkés, Tijana Krstić, Medieval Studies)

Göde, Zsófia Was Spinoza a Crypto-Dogmatist? The Problem of Miracles in the Tractatus Theologico-Politicus (2014, supervisor: Michael V. Griffin, Philosophy)

Grigoryan, Metaksya Beginnings of Early Armenian Printing in Venice and Rome in the Sixteenth Century: Reconsideration of Research Frameworks and Contexts (2014, supervisor: Nadia Al-Bagdadi, History)

Hayrick, Kelly "So Will Ich mit dir Lauffen": The Image of Women in the Landsknecht Tross of Early Sixteenth Century (2011, supervisor: Gerhard Jaritz, Medieval Studies)

Ivić, Ines The Cult of Saint Jerome in Dalmatia in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries (2016, supervisors: Gábor Klaniczay, Marianne Sághy, Medieval Studies)    

Karapetyan, Ani Descartes And Boyle's Theory Of Matter: Historical And Philosophical Connections (2011, supervisor: Hanoch Ben-Yami, Philosophy)

Kocsis, Alexandra Text and Image on Reproductive Prints: A Case Study of Sixteenth-Century Prints After Raphael's Design (2014, supervisors: Gerhard Jaritz, Béla Zsolt Szakács, Medieval Studies)

Kolesnyk, Kateryna The Strategies of Self-Representation in the Travel Notes of Vasyl Hryhorovych-Bars'ky (2014, supervisor: Karl Hall, History)

Kovács, Ákos Conceptualizing the Community in Hungarian Pamphlet Literature in 1790-1791 (2008, supervisor: László Kontler, History)

Kovaleva, Daria The Trope of Kyra as a Jewish Female Intermediary in the Sixteenth-Century Ottoman Imperial Harem: Theory and Practice, Fiction and History (2014, supervisor: Tijana Krstić, Medieval Studies)

Kumić, Lea Adultery, Greed, and Betrayal: Social Criticism in Nikola Nalješković's Comedies (2015, supervisor: Gerhard Jaritz, Medieval)    

Mattair, Michael  The Dictates of Our Own Hearts: Edward Gibbon and Natural Law (2012, supervisor: László Kontler, History)

Mérai, Dóra The True and Exact Dresses and Fashion: Ethnic and Social Aspects of Archaeological Remains of Clothing in Early Modern Hungary(2007, supervisors: Gerhard Jaritz, József Laszlovszky, Katalin Szende, Medieval Studies)  

Mézes, Ádám Insecure Boundaries : Medical Experts and the Returning Dead on the Southern Habsburg Borderland (2013, supervisors: László Kontler, Gábor Klaniczay, Medieval Studies/History)

Mišević, Marijana The Social, Political and Linguistic Context of the Emergence of Aljamiado Literature in Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-Century Bosnia: The Case of a Lexicographer and Poet, Mehmed Heva'I Uskufi (2013, supervisor: Tijana Krstić, Medieval Studies)  

Muntán, Emese From Apocalyptic Prophecy to Political Discourse : the Relationship Between the Theological and the Political in Reformed Funeral Speeches in Mid-Seventeenth Century Principality of Transylvania(2014, supervisor: György Szőnyi, History)

Nechita, Andrea  Offering Body, Pleasure, and Wealth: The Visual Representation of Women Tempting Saints (Fifteenth and Sixteenth Century) (2013, supervisor: Gerhard Jaritz, Medieval Studies)                 

Novosel, Filip From Periphery to Centre : the Role of Marcus Antonius de Dominis in the 16th and 17th Century Scientific and Intellectual Movements  (2012, supervisor: László Kontler, History)

Oliveira, Rose Landscape, Locality, and Labour: Late Medieval Calendar Images from 1400 to1550 and Their Varieties (2012, supervisor: Gerhard Jaritz, Medieval Studies)

Pasichnyk, Kateryna Official physicians within the Medical landscape of the Russian empire (1760s) (2018, supervisor: Emese Lafferton, History)

Pantić, Nikola Faith and the Common Man : a Damascene Barber and Popular Religion, 1741-1763 (2014, supervisor: Aziz Al-Azmeh, History)

Pataki, Katalin Medicine in and out of the Cloister (2013, supervisor: László Kontler, History)

Pericás, Jaime Suicide and Self-sacrifice in Spinoza's Philosophy (2015, supervisor: Michael V. Griffin, Philosophy)

Pjecha, Martin From Protecting God's Law to Spreading Faith and Vengeance : Human Agency and the Shift Towards Offensive Warfare in the Hussite Discourse (2012, supervisor: Matthias Riedl, History)

Poprádi, Janka Healers and Lay Medics in 16th-17th Century Hungary(2008, supervisor: György Szőnyi, History)

Potuckova, Kristina Virginity, Sancity, and Image: The Virgines Capitales in Upper Hungarian Altarpieces of the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries(2007, supervisor: Gerhard Jaritz, Medieval Studies)

Putnik, Noel Two Conflicting Notions of Ascension in Cornelius Agrippa's De Occulta Philosophia (2007, supervisor: György Szőnyi, History)

Rendulic, Tamara Pyrrhonism and Cartesianism: External World and Aliens (2012, supervisor: Michael V. Griffin, Philosophy)

Sakal, Ievgeniia Teraturgema by Afanasij Kal'nofoyskyi : the Problem of Inter-Confessional Borrowings (2012, supervisor: Mikhail V. Dmitriev, History)

Sheliah, Hanna Honor, Tradition and Solidarity : Corporate Identity Formation at the Kiev-Mohyla Academy (1701-1765) (2016, supervisor: László Kontler, History)

Sünnetcioglu, Halil Audi Alteram Partem (Hear the Other Side Too): The Meaning of the Battle of Lepanto (1571) Among Late Sixteenth-Century Ottoman Historians (2013, supervisor: Tijana Krstić, Medieval Studies)              

Tóth, Johanna  The Muslims of Algiers in Antonio de Sosa's Topographia, e Historia General de Argel (1612) (2013, supervisors: Tijana Krstić, Marcell Sebők, Medieval Studies)

Tóth, Olivér István Imagination and the Source of Error in Spinoza's Ethics (2014, supervisor: Michael V. Griffin, Philosophy)

Varciu, Alin-Paul Kant's model of causality in terms of essences (2017, supervisor: Ference Huoranszki, Philosophy)

Zhang, Jian Deal with the Supreme, Authoritative Space and Commercial Space in Sung Dynasty Kaifeng and Renaissance Florence (2015, supervisor: György Szőnyi, History)