Soviet and Post-Soviet Studies Research Group

Soviet and Post-Soviet Studies Research Group (also known as “Soviet Kitchen”) was created as a student initiative in 2016. The students and scholars from the History Department with broad interests in the history of the Soviet and Post-Soviet period are coordinating group’s activities. The SPSRG acts as an interdisciplinary forum for public meetings, including public lectures, research seminars, and film screenings. The “Soviet Kitchen” is dedicated to bringing together students and scholars from across the Humanities and Social Sciences and popularizing the area of Soviet studies. The focus is not only on localities, but also on methodological approaches which make the group appealing beyond the field of Soviet and Post-soviet studies. Although students lead the group, it is supervised by faculty members, namely Professors Charles Shaw and Marsha Siefert. The “Soviet Kitchen” welcomes proposals and collaborations. For further information, please contact the members enlisted below.


Yan Mazitov, research interests: Soviet war and postwar history, Biographical studies, Labor History.

Previous members:

Hannah Lindsay Rudderham, research interests: the interwar period, group identity, children’s literature and pedagogy, the Soviet Union in Western discourse.

Ksenia Litvinenko, research interests: Russian and Eurasian studies, Memory Studies, Urban studies, Soviet History, Comparative Socialism. E-mail:

Sofia Lopatina, research interests: Cultural history, late socialism, transnational history, Cold War, youth subcultures, dissidents. E-mail:

Iveta Gogava, research interests: Soviet History, Stalin's Terror, History Textbooks, Memoirs, Social History. E-mail:

Yana Kitaeva, research interests: diplomatic speech writing, Soviet history, Late Soviet Period, International Relations. E-mail:

Mariia Zimina, research interests: Soviet History, History of Media, History of Emotions, Visual Studies, Global History, Cold War History. E-mail:

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