Student Representatives

At the beginning of every academic year, CEU history students elect representatives who serve as a liaison between faculty and students. In addition to attending faculty meetings and assisting their classmates with academic matters, representatives participate in Student Union assemblies, organize departmental events, and contribute as active members of the larger CEU community. The one-year MA representatives include two new students, while the two-year MA representatives include one new and one returning student. PhD students typically select three representatives—two first-year students and one returning student. Below you will find the profiles of current student representatives and their contact information.


Two-year MA representatives

Yan Mazitov (Russian FeDeration)

Yan Mazitov graduated form Historical Faculty of Perm State University in Russia. He came to CEU from academic and archival fields. Yan also has journalistic background. Currently he is a 1st year MA student in Comparative History. He is interested in post-war history of Soviet Union, especially in Demobilization of Soviet solders.


PhD representatives

Adela Hincu (Romania)

Adela holds a BA in Comparative Literature from the University of Bucharest and a MA in Comparative History from Central European University. She is researching the intellectual history of the social sciences in postwar Central and Eastern Europe, and writing a dissertation on the scientific discourses about the social in state socialist Romania. 


Nikola Pantić (Serbia)

Nikola was awarded his BA at the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade, where he studied Arabic Language and Literature. He participated in a 1-year MA program at the Department of History, CEU, where he obtained the Religious Studies Specialization certificate. Presently, he is pursuing a PhD in Comparative History, Specialization Religious Studies, at CEU. His proposed dissertation project is entitled "The Sufi and the People: The Levantine Sufis and Religious Practices of the 18th century."