Ana Sekulic

February 10, 2014

Ana Sekulic (MA 2013; since 2013 PhD Student, Princeton University). After finishing my BA at Wesleyan University, I enrolled in the one-year MA at CEU's Department of History. I chose CEU because of the excellent reputation of the program and its faculty members. It was definitely during my time at CEU that I became a much more mature and confident intellectual and benefited from an excellent introduction to the field of Ottoman Studies in combination with Habsburg and Venetian studies which I continue to pursue in my PhD studies at Princeton University. The challenging but rewarding process of thesis writing combined with intense consultations with my advisers helped me define my intellectual interests, as it forced me to acquire new, cutting-edge knowledge and approaches to history and the social sciences in general combined with intensive language training in a very short period of time. I now clearly see that the CEU MA program helped prepare me to meet the challenge of the volume and intensity of work that await PhD graduates at places like Princeton. At CEU I also met a wonderful group of international friends and colleagues, and it is this community and support network that will remain with me for the rest of my life. This is what makes CEU a really great place.