Russian, Ukrainian, and Eurasian History

Since its founding, the Department of History has encouraged and supported research and teaching in the history of Russia, Ukraine and Eurasia.  

Individual faculty members present a multi-disciplinary profile and have long established and close ties with numerous institutions in the region based on visiting lectures, participation in teaching workshops and joint publications. In addition the History Department benefits from the presence of numerous CEU masters and doctoral degree holders in teaching and research positions in institutions of higher learning in the region, including St. Petersburg State University, European University of St. Petersburg, University of Tver, Buryat State University, Petrozavodsk State University, Kazan University, Catholic University of L’viv, University of L’viv, and National University of Kyiv-Mohyla. Four of five members of the editorial board of the interdisciplinary Russian-English language journal Ab Imperio graduated from CEU.

Prospective students and researchers interested in further study of the region are encouraged to explore the various projects and options offered here at the CEU History Department. Faculty publications and a sample of some recent MA theses and PhD dissertations offer a glimpse at the range of topics that have been researched and our interests in future directions. Courses in related departments, such as Nationalism Studies, International Relations, Political Science, Gender Studies, and Environmental Sciences and Policy, are also available to History students. Please feel free to contact individual faculty members or write to for more information.


In addition to the extensive electronic and print holdings of the CEU library, the CEU Library’s large Russian-language collection is regularly updated through acquisitions of recent publications, document collections and important historical works. The Russian-language collection also houses publications generously contributed by Nicholas V. Riasanovsky (University of California, Berkeley), Hans Rogger (UCLA), Elizabeth Kridl Valkenier (Columbia University) and Reginald Zelnik (University of California, Berkeley). The Open Society Archives holds the collections from the Comintern Archives, Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty, periodicals from all the countries of the region beginning in the 1950s, and a large DVD feature film and documentary archive. Most all other publications are otherwise available through regional libraries and interlibrary loan.

Language Training

The Source Language Teaching Group offers beginning and intermediate courses in Russian, along with many other source languages.  A course in Advanced Russian Source Reading in Historiography is offered each year.