The Department's faculty is involved in a large number of individual and collective research projects, as well as being members of international boards and European research teams. The faculty publishes and is translated in a wide range of languages. For full information please see the fields of research and teaching and the faculty profiles.

Taking advantage of its location in Vienna, the Department of History is becoming an increasingly more active role in Austrian higher education and public history. Several department members collaborate with colleagues at partner institutions to facilitate exchnages and apply for major grants.

Many of our departmental research projects are undertaken with the support of our sister institution, Pasts, Inc. Center for Historical Studies. Drawing upon our alumnae and distinguished international partners, we sponsor a range of lecture series, workshops, and conferences, especially geared to encourage communication among the junior scholars from the region. Some of our visitors attend courses sponsored by the Summer University; others stay longer with us to conduct research and teach, as Junior or Senior Visiting Fellows.

The department has also over the years published its own yearbooks and working papers. These publications are available from the department by request. Under the umbrella of Pasts, Inc., the refereed journal, East Central Europe is edited at CEU and European Review of History / Revue Européenne d'histoire, an international refereed journal for the comparative and transnational history of Europe, also has a new editorial office hosted by our department.