Major Grants

EurAsian Transformations: The Austrian Science Fund (FWF) announced five research projects in the natural sciences and the humanities selected for major funding under the Clusters of Excellence initiative "excellent=austria", including: EurAsian Transformations: Discovering the Cultural Heritage of Eurasia. Starting in 2023, faculty from CEU's Departments of History and Medieval Studies will join colleagues from the Austrian Academy of Sciences (host institution) and the universities of Vienna and Innsbruck to establish a research and training infrastructure for studying the rich and diverse textual, visual, and material resources created over the last 3000 years of Eurasian history.

REPATRIATES: Artistic Research in Museums and Communities in the Process of Repatriation from Europe (ERC, led by Associate Professor Khadija Zinnenburg Carroll)

ZARAH: Women’s labour activism in Eastern Europe and transnationally, from the age of empires to the late 20th century (ERC, led by University Professor Susan Carin Zimmermann)

STRIKING FROM THE MARGINS: From Disintegration to Reconstitution of State and Religion in the Middle East (Carnegie Corporation, led by Professor Nadia Al-Bagdadi and University Professor Emeritus Aziz Al-Azmeh )