How to apply

We would like to assist you with your application. Our admissions process for all degree programs is handled online via the Office of Admissions. For submitting your materials please consult "How to apply" and then use the online application form for 2016/17

Application deadlines:

MAY 3, 2016*:

NEXT DEADLINE for Master's degree applicants applying for Tuition Awards (i.e. tuition waivers) or self-financing students only. Applications must be complete with any applicable standard test score reports (TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, etc.)

February 4, 2016*: 

Priority deadline for Master's applicants applying for CEU Fellowships (CEU Master's scholarship, CEU Master's excellence scholarship) and/or the CEU-administered institutional TOEFL. DEADLINE for PhD applications.


  • *Applications must be submitted before 23:59 hrs Pacific Standard Time (PST) on the given date.
  • Different deadlines are applicable for the MATILDA program. Please see their website for details.

In order to choose the right program, please read the descriptions of the 1-Year MA Program and the 2-Year MA Program. Based on your previous training and your current and future interests you should choose the program which is best suited to your needs. For those interested in Doctoral studies, please familiarize yourself with our PhD Program.

Please also consider the non-degree specializations offered by our department. If you are interested in one of them, please indicate this in your application.

Should you have any further questions regarding your choice, we encourage you to get in touch with either the Head of Department for all academic related matters or with the program coordinators for all administrative and stipend related questions.

The financial angle

Global universities on the lookout for international students generally reserve their largesse for PhD studies, counting on their MA programs to generate fee-paying students. If you are looking for ways to finance MA studies abroad, keep in mind that CEU offers a wider range of financial aid opportunities available to students than most universities. In recent years, nine out of ten MA students in the History Department have received some form of tuition award (worth up to €12,000). In addition, CEU offers a variety of degreescholarships (including health insurance, stipend, and/or dormitory accommodations) to supplement the (relatively affordable) cost of living in Budapest. More than two thirds of our MA students benefit from various degree fellowships, so that they can devote their full energies to their studies. Students in financial need may apply for a CEU Alumni Scholarship, which can be used to supplement other financial aid packages provided by the University. If the cost of international study seems daunting, CEU is extremely competitive in keeping MA studies financially accessible to qualified students. All PhD students receive generously funded three-year fellowships, as well as a variety of further research funding opportunities. 

Entry requirements

In addition to meeting the general CEU admissions requirements, applicants must provide a 500-word outline of their proposed topic (the research proposal) for the MA thesis (see sample proposal), which will be weighted heavily in the admissions decision. The topic is expected to fall within the broad thematic focus of the department as described above, and should be delimited and set out with the greatest possible clarity. Previous work on the subject should also be indicated. We also encourage applicants to upload a brief, supplementary statement of purpose that explains their interest in our Department. Applicants should indicate which courses, professors, and research areas they see as especially relevant to their interests. 

Having an undergraduate degree in history is an advantage, but the department also welcomes applications from students in other social science and humanities disciplines. For more information, please visit the CEU Admissions page and the checklist for applications.

Should you have any questions about the application process, do not hesitate to contact us. If you would like to chat with a current student about our graduate programs and life at CEU, please feel free to contact Harrison King (MA) at and Imogen Bayley (PhD) at 

Please consult "How to apply"

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