Student Representatives

Student Representatives are democratically elected from the MA and PhD stuents in each department at Central European University and are responsible for raising issues related to academic and student life at CEU. In the History Department, CEU students elect Student Representatives at the beginning of each academic year. One-year MA students elect two Student Representatives, and the two-year MA students elect one new and one returning student. PhD students elect three Student Representatives—two first-year students and one returning student. At the History Department, Student Representatives take part in faculty meetings and serve as a liaison between students and faculty.

The Student Union Assembly (SUA), the highest decision-making body of the Student Union, is elected by the Student Representatives from all Departments. If History Student Representatives are elected, they are eligible to participate in other university-wide committees that require student representation and are required to attend SUA meetings, with full voting rights. Student Union Representatives also are involved in supporting and initiating student activities at CEU, from research groups to social experience. For more information about the Student Union, please see

For the History Department, Student Representatives prepare a memorandum after each History faculty meeting with relevant information for the students, retain a copy that will be filed by a designated member, and pass on the memos to incoming Student Representatives at the beginning of each academic year. Generally, the issues to be noted can be categorized as follows: History Department initiatives and projects; University-wide issues; Student initiatives and requests; Academic fairness and transparency; Gender equality and harassment of any kind; Relationship with the Department Ombudsperson.

Student Representatives maintain contact with the Department Ombudsperson and also enable other students to do so. They also help support students’ academic and social initiatives at the History Department. In sum, Student Representatives are expected to be in constant dialogue with their represented student body, regularly attend meetings, and inform the students about issues and changes related to academic and student life at CEU.

One-year MA Representative

Daria Khokhlova

Two-year MA Representatives

Marta Haiduchok

Dylan Mask

HIPS Representative

Ruth Woodfield

PhD Representatives

Boris Fonarkov

Berkant Yavuz