Doctoral Programs

The Department is home to two doctoral programs:

The two PhD programs provide full funding for the duration of four years. They offer specialized guidance in various disciplines and research areas. The PhD in Late Antique, Medieval, and Early Modern Studies covers the time span from approximately 200 to 1700 A.D. The PhD in Comparative History focuses on modern history broadly conceived. Students receive focused supervision on their dissertation topics and have access to a diverse range of courses, including source languages, archival research, digital humanities, etc. The programs also nurture practical academic skills such as publishing, grant applications, conference presentations, and event organization. International collaborative opportunities enrich the research experience, supporting graduates in securing prestigious scholarships, fellowships, and academic positions. For further details, please see the individual program descriptions on the above links. 


For doctoral students pursuing a PhD at other universities, the Department also offers opportunities to study at CEU for a defined period of time through its Doctoral Support Program (DSP)for Non-CEU Students.