Katherine Sorrels

February 10, 2014

Katherine Sorrels received her MA from CEU in 2000. She is currently Associate Professor of the History at the University of Cincinnati in Cincinnati, Ohio. She chose to attend CEU after studying in a similar international environment at the University of Graz during her undergraduate study. In the words of Sorrels, "I've benefitted tremendously from my year at CEU. First of all, I took a range of excellent courses in history and several of the interdisciplinary programs (e.g., Gender Studies and Nationalism Studies). The result was that I entered my PhD program at the University of Pittsburgh with both a broad awareness of what was going on in my field as well as a level of focus which undoubtedly eased my progress through the program...I made both friends and professional contacts at CEU with whom I continue to stay in touch. This network of friends and colleagues in the region is probably the most rewarding long-term benefit of my time in Budapest."

She is the author of Cosmopolitan Outsiders: Imperial Inclusion, National Exclusion, and the Pan-European Idea (Palgrave Macmillan, 2016)