Maria Falina

August 12, 2015

Maria Falina (MA 2005, PhD 2011) currently is lecturer in modern European history at the School of History and Geography, Dublin City University. Prior to her current position, she was lecturer and postdoc fellow at the Centre for War Studies, University College Dublin.

The years that I spent at the CEU History Department was the time of exciting discoveries, intensive learning and forging friendships that last long after the graduation. CEU and Budapest have become my second home. The intellectual generosity of the faculty and my fellow students never ceased to astonish and is the one thing that together with the international character of CEU makes it such a unique place. There is no better way of learning than through an open debate, and of that there was plenty. Now, that I myself teach a new generation of scholars it is clear to me how important this mutual curiosity can be. The professional network that the History Department has helped me build proved to be invaluable in furthering my academic career. CEU has not only equipped me with skills and knowledge in comparative history of South Eastern and Central Europe, it gave me the chance to experience its diversity first-hand.