M. Fatih Calisir

November 23, 2015

M. Fatih Calisir completed two MA programs, one on Comparative History of Central Europe at CEU and the other on Ottoman History at Bilkent University (2009). Before enrolling in Early Modern European History PhD Program at Georgetown University in Washington, DC, he worked as an assistant expert at the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism. His research interests include early modern history of the Ottoman Empire, Ottoman cultural history, and environmental history. Calisir is a member of the Middle East Studies Association (MESA) and the European Society for Environmental History (ESEH). He is also the founding member of the Turkish Society for Environmental History. He is currently teaching history at Ibn Haldun University in Istanbul, Turkey.

“My study experience at CEU provided me an opportunity to attend the classes of renowned professors and to have a comparative perspective on history. With its international student body from almost all corners of the world and its location at the heart of Central Europe, CEU is a great place to pursue graduate level study in history.“