Yulia Karpova receives Marie Curie Fellowship

January 25, 2016

Yulia Karpova, an alumna of our department and currently a visiting faculty member, was awarded a Marie Curie Individual Fellowship. The host institution is the School of Communication and Culture at Aarhus University. During this 24-months Fellowship Yulia plans to do research on "biographies" of late Soviet objects through the areas of design, production, and consumption, as well as the influence of Scandinavian design in the Soviet Union in the 1950s-1980s. The research results will be used for expanding her dissertation into a book and for organizing exhibitions and other events in collaboration with museums. Yulia received her PhD in History (summa cum laude) from CEU in 2015, with a dissertation on "Designer Socialism: The Aesthetic Turn in Soviet Russia after Stalin". Congratulations!