Lucija Balikić

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Lucija Balikić is a doctoral candidate at the Department of History, CEU. She is a graduate of University of Zagreb, CEU and was a visiting student at the Department of History at the University of Southampton, UK. Currently, she is also working as a research assistant on the research project "Neverending Story? Mapping Crisis Discourses in East Central Europe, 1918-2020" at the CEU Democracy Institute of Budapest.

Most recently, she was a visiting research fellow at the Research Center of the Slovenian Academy of Arts and Sciences (AY 2021/2022), became a WG4 member of COST Action Who Cares in Europe? (CA18119) and was awarded CEU Global Teaching Fellowship at the Corvinus University of Budapest (AY 2023/2024), where she will be teaching at the International Relations MA program.

Research interests

• Intellectual history of East Central Europe in 19th and 20th centuries
• History of knowledge production and social movements in modern Europe
• History of Austro-Hungarian Empire, Hungary and Yugoslavia (1918-1991)

Teaching portfolio (AY 2020/2021-present)

CEU History Department

HIST5133 - Global History of Yugoslavia (with Prof. Mate Nikola Tokić). Winter term, 4 credits, (Vienna).

CEU Romani Studies Program

RSP5017 - Introduction to History and Cultural Heritage Studies. Fall term, 4 credits (Budapest).
RSP5022 - Methodology of History and Cultural Heritage Studies. Winter term, 4 credits (Budapest).
RSP5034 - Research Seminar: History and Cultural Heritage Studies. Spring term, 2 credits (Budapest).

CEU Invisible University for Ukraine

IUFU4003 - Between Norms and Realities: Challenges to Europeanization, Democratization and the Rule of Law in a Transnational Context (seminar co-leader with PhD candidate Semir Džebo). Spring term, 4 credits (online).

CEU Undergraduate Studies (Culture, Politics, Society track)

UGST4011 - Sound and Vision: Communicating Through Image and Audio (with Prof. Klára Trencsényi), Winter term, 2 credits (Vienna).
UGST4026 - Mobility and Heritage (with Prof. Zsuzsanna Arendas), Spring term, 2 credits (Vienna).


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Balikić Lucija. “Serbs and Croats in the Language Reform of Vuk Karadžić and External Policies of Ilija Garašanin” in Carnival: journal of the International Students of History Association 18-19 (2017), pp. 1-10.


MA in Comparative History, Department of History, CEU
MA in Contemporary History, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb
BA in History, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb



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