Oleksii Rudenko

Year of Enrollment: 

I completed my Bachelor degree with Honours in History at the Kyiv National Shevchenko University with training at the University of Regensburg (Germany) and Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece), where I studied Greek language and Classical history. Later on, I got accepted to the Erasmus Mundus Joint Degree in Central & East European Studies at the University of Glasgow, University of Tartu and Jagiellonian University in Kraków, where I worked on the thesis devoted to the last Jagiellonian King of Poland, Sigismund II Augustus (1520-1572) and representation of his royal image via the classical figures and motifs.

My doctoral dissertation at CEU focuses on the classical tradition and the emergence of the myths of 'national' origins in East-Central Europe in the 15th-17th centuries which became one of the pillars of future nation-formation in the region. My main field of interest comprises late medieval and early modern history, the classical reception & the classical tradition, cartography and the interplay between politics and symbolism. I am a Junior member at the CEU Center for Religious Studies. I also published articles on the Late Roman Republic, Reformation and the classical reception in the early Soviet era. Since 2016 I head an NGO-project of the night theatrical tours devoted to cultural heritage and history of Ukraine called 'Night at the University' in Kyiv.

I am particularly amused by the ways people misspell my name, making memes and occasional editing of this page. Right now I am an army volunteer in Ukraine in our defense against Russian invasion, find more information here: http://standwithukraine.in.ua

On academic leave since August 2023 because of the Russian war.


MA, European Studies (with distinction), Jagiellonian University in Kraków (2020)
International Master in Central & East European Studies (with distinction), University of Glasgow (2020)
MA in Social Sciences (Central and East European studies), University of Tartu (2020)
BA (with Honours) in Ancient and Medieval History, Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University (2018)