Orsolya Anna Sudár

Year of Enrollment: 

Orsolya is a PhD candidate researching historical revisionism and architecture history in Budapest and Berlin. Her historical research period is the long twentieth-century, while also looking at historical revisionism in its contemporary manifestations in the ECE region.

Alongside historical revisionism and comparative history, her interests also lie in the history of political thought, conceptual history, and urban studies. She is particularly interested in the methodological aspects of history writing. As a graduate of English and American Studies at PPKE and ELTE, Budapest, Orsolya keeps interest in the historical investigation of cultural production and the history of modern philosophy, with special attention to the history of the Communist Republic of Hungary in 1918-19.

After completing her Master's degree, she was affiliated with the John F. Kennedy Institute at Freie Universität in Berlin through a research grant, where she researched post-1945 reconstruction projects in Berlin. She has taught courses at ELTE on visual culture and art history; and was a teaching assistant at CEU for courses in the history of science and visual studies.

Orsolya is currently a research assistant at the Democracy in History work-group at the Democracy Institute, CEU, Budapest.


MA in American Studies, ELTE, Budapest
BA in English Studies, PPKE, Budapest