Selected MA Theses in Russian, Ukrainian and Eurasian History since 2010

Aurylaite, Silvija The Rise of the Lithuanian National Monuments: Cultivation, Expression and Resurrection (2013)

Babayeva, MayaWorking Together: Translated and Original Children's Literature in the Soviet Union, 1930s-1950s, (2016)

Babich, Pavel A Russian Officer in the Persian Cossack Brigade: Vladimir Andreevich Kosagovskii (2014)

Batsman, Maryna Crafting a Jewish School System for Soviet Ukraine: Interwar Nationality Policies and Yiddish Pedagogical Writing (2015)

Belyakov, Evgeny Yurievitch The Problems of Dissent and Jewish Emigration in Soviet-US Détente (1968-1975) (2010)

Creciun, Ala A Return to Autocracy? The Bureaucratic Network at the Accession of Alexander III (2013)

Dangstorp, Matthew - Revolutionary Economies and War: A Diachronic Comparison of the Napoleonic Continental System and Soviet War Communism (2017)

Davydov, Yevgeniy Tolstoyan critique of socialism and the Soviet state in 1917-1920 (2020)

Didenko, Ostap The Black Hundred in Odessa (1905-1907) (2014)

Dzhumabaev, AmangeldiThe Red Ritual: The Soviet Wedding Rite in Postwar Kyrgyzstan (2016)

Gasimova, TürkayEmergence of Intelligentsia in Azerbaijan and their role in nation building (2016)

Hall, Brandi Lee Preserving a Multi-Cultural Past in a Post-Soviet City: L’viv as a World Heritage Site (2014)

Hodaei, Alireza - The Voice of a Periphery Lost in the Cold War; Firqe-Yi Demokrat and its Official Newspaper "Azerbaijan" (2017)

Jankowski, Roman Lukasz The Relationship between Tygodnik Powszechny and Censorship Authorities in the People’s Republic of Poland (2012)

Kasimova, ZukhraInterconnection of Russian intelligentsia with Uzbek Soviet culture (2016)

Kenins, Laura For Fatherland, Freedom, and Mother Russia: The Riga Freedom Monument as Site and Symbol of Resistance in Soviet Latvia (2012)

King, Harrison The (Un)making of Soviet Kirovabad: Pogroms and the End of the ‘Friendship of Peoples’ in Azerbaijan (2015)

Kitaeva, Yana Speechwriting als Beruf : the transformation of practices of Soviet speechwriters from the Brezhnev era to the early Perestroika period (2019)

Kolesnyk, Kateryna The Strategies of Self-Representation in the Travel Notes of Vasyl Hryhorovych-Bars’ky (2014)

Korobeinikov, Aleksandr Imagining post-imperial order : nationalism, regionalism, autonomism, and state socialism in Northeast Russia, 1905-1922 (2019)

Kotlyar, Lydia Art and artists as agents of empire : "Russianness" in the Exhibitions of Vasily Vereshchagin (2020)

Livinenko, Ksenia - Building Socialist Vyborg: Architectural Encounters on the Soviet-Finnish Border, 1958-1983," (Hanák Prize for Modern History), (2017)

Lopatina, Sofia - From Komsomol Activists to Clandestine Reformists: the Leningrad Underground Group “Kolokol” (1961-1965), (2017)

Mácsai, Boglárka Little Motherland: The Role of School-Museums and Kraevedenie in the Contemporary Russian Historical Politics (2013)

Maturaimova, Meerim - Memory of Territory as an Ethnic Narrative: Kyrgyz and Uzbek Narratives in Kyrgyzstan (2015)

Medzibrodszky, Alexandra N.F. Fedorov’s Place in Russian Intellectual History (2014)

Mordvinov, Dmitry Searching for an Imperial Ideology: The Concept of Nationality in the Works of Count Uvarov and the Journal of the Ministry for Public Enlightenment, 1833-1849 (2011)

Mudrak, AntonLayers of identities in the University Student Life of the Second Polish Republic: cases of Warsaw and Lviv (1918-1939) (2017)

Nabozny, Richard Thomas Papal Pilgrimages to Poland as Pedagogical Programs: 1979-1987 (2012)

Nagornyak, Xeniya Evangelical-Lutheran Communities in the Process of Rehabilitation of German Ethnic Groups in Kazakhstan: 1950s-1980s (2014)

Neese-Todd, Joshua A Southern Silver Age: Baku, Tiflis, and the Institutions of Literary Modernism in War and Revolution (2014)

Pavlova, Margarita Political in form, cultural in content : civic activism and historic preservation in Leningrad during Perestroika (2020)

Petrova, Olga Mykolaivna The Jewish Question in the Ukrainian Revolution (1919-1920): A Reappraisal of Ukrainian-Jewish Relations based on the Daily Ukraina (2013)

Posun’ko, Andriy Sergiyovych After the Zaporizhia: Dissolution, Reorganization, and Transformation of Borderland Military in 1775-1835 (2012)

Sakal, Ievgeniia Teraturgema by Afanasij Kal’nofoyskyi: The Problem of Inter-Confessional Borrowings (2012)

Sheliah, HannaHonor, Tradition, and Solidarity: Corporate Identity Formation at the Kiev-Mohyla Academy (1701-1765) (2016)

Shyrokova, Iryna Debates within the Western Scientific Community on Repressive Psychiatric Practices in the USSR from the 1960s to the 1980s (2014)

Strakhova, Anastasiia The Image of America on the Pages of the Russian-Jewish Journal Voskhod (1881-1906) (2013)

Voronovici, Alexandr The Moldovan ASSR between the Bolshevik "Empire" and Greater Romania: Nation- and State-Building in the Soviet Borderland (1917-1940) (2010)

Wollen, James Montgomery The Baltic Configuration: The Role of the Baltic Entente in the Mental Mapping of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, 1934-1940 (2012)

Zdravkovski, Aleksandar The Macedonian Scientific and Literary Society in St. Petersburg: 1902-1917 (2011)