Selected MA Theses in Early Modern Studies since 2007

Current MA Students:

Dremova Viktoriia Visual representation of the spontaneous generation theory in Early Modern European culture

Huckleberry Samuel The Inheritance of Sultans and Shahs: Charisma, Institution Building, and in Ottoman and Safavid Realms, 1514-1550

Tchokhonelidze Tedo Eschatological Theology and the Oprichnina


MA Theses in Early Modern Studies:

Ádám, Edina Pelbárt  of Temesvár and the Use of Images in Preaching (2008, supervisors: Gábor Klaniczay, György Szőnyi, Medieval Studies/History)

Artimon, Teodora Peter Rares and His Visual Concept: an Ambitious Sixteenth-Century PR Campaign? (2010, supervisors: Marcell Sebők, Béla Zsolt Szakács, Medieval Studies)

Avram, Antonia-Oana Sixteenth-century travel literature collectors and the image of the Ottomans in humanist thought: Francesco Sansovino and Richard Hakluyt (2020, supervisor: Jan Hennings)

Bilaloglu, Ahmet  The Ottomans in the Early Enlightenment: The Case of Public Libraries in the Reign of Mahmud I (1730-54) (2013, supervisor: Tolga U. Esmer, History)

Calian, Florin "Spiritual Alchemy and the Function of Image. Coincidentia Oppositorum in Michael Maier's Atalanta Fugien" (2009, supervisors: György Szőnyi, Gerhard Jaritz, History/Medieval Studies)         

Calisir, Muhammed A Long March: the Ottoman Campaign in Hungary, 1663 (2009, Pál Fodor, History, Hungarian Academy of Sciences)            

Cismas, Sabina Power and Salvation: Donor Representations in Moldavia (Fifteenth to Seventeenth Centuries) (2008, supervisor: Gerhard Jaritz, Medieval Studies)       

Conklin, Tyler The Politics of Loyalty: The Confessional and Ethnic Loyalties of the Kurds in Seventeenth-Century Eastern Anatolia (2014, supervisor: Tijana Krstić, Medieval Studies)

Dana, Joseph Between Influence and Authority: The Rabbinate of the Seventeenth Century Portuguese Jewish Community of Amsterdam (2010, supervisor: Carsten Wilke, History)

Dikavicius, Povilas Pompa Funebris: Funeral Rituals and Civic Community in Seventeenth Century Vilnius (2016, supervisor: Matthias Riedl, History)

Dikici, Ayşe Ezgi Painting an Icon of an Ideal Gazi: An Explaration of the Cultural Meanings of The Love Affair Episode in Suzi Chelebi's Gazavatname of Mihaloglu Ali Bay (2007, supervisor: Cristian-Nicolae Gaşpar, Medieval Studies)                

Drosztmér, Ágnes Presentation of the Self in Different Genres: The Song Book of Ferenc Wathay      (2007, supervisors: Marcell Sebők, György Szőnyi, Medieval Studies/History)

Erkoç, Seda Repercussions of a Murder: The Death of Sehzade Mustafa on Early Modern English Stage (2008, supervisors: Marcell Sebők, György Szőnyi, Medieval Studies/History)

Farcaş, Andrei Octavian Maces in Medieval Transylvania Between the Thirteenth and the Sixteenth Centuries (2016, supervisor: József Laszlovszky, Medieval)

Ganea, Sabina Maria Reception of the Plague in Transylvania : Official Discourses from the 16th-17th Centuries (2016, supervisors: Gerhard Jaritz, Marcell Sebők, Medieval Studies)         

Gevorgyan, Narine Jami'-I 'Abbasi: Baha al-Din al-'Amili's Manual of Religious Instruction in the Context of State- and Confession-Building in Seventeenth-Century Safavid Iran and Beyond (2013, supervisors: Ferenc Csirkés, Tijana Krstić, Medieval Studies)

Göde, Zsófia Was Spinoza a Crypto-Dogmatist? The Problem of Miracles in the Tractatus Theologico-Politicus (2014, supervisor: Michael V. Griffin, Philosophy)

Grigoryan, Metaksya Beginnings of Early Armenian Printing in Venice and Rome in the Sixteenth Century: Reconsideration of Research Frameworks and Contexts (2014, supervisor: Nadia Al-Bagdadi, History)

Hayrick, Kelly "So Will Ich mit dir Lauffen": The Image of Women in the Landsknecht Tross of Early Sixteenth Century (2011, supervisor: Gerhard Jaritz, Medieval Studies)

Ivić, Ines The Cult of Saint Jerome in Dalmatia in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries (2016, supervisors: Gábor Klaniczay, Marianne Sághy, Medieval Studies)   

Kaplan, Cankat An Anti-Ibn Arabi (d. 1240) Polemicist in sixteenth-century Ottoman Istanbul : Ibrahim al-Halabi (d.1549) and his interlocutors (2019, supervisor: Tijana Krstić)

Karapetyan, Ani Descartes And Boyle's Theory Of Matter: Historical And Philosophical Connections (2011, supervisor: Hanoch Ben-Yami, Philosophy)

Kocsis, Alexandra Text and Image on Reproductive Prints: A Case Study of Sixteenth-Century Prints After Raphael's Design (2014, supervisors: Gerhard Jaritz, Béla Zsolt Szakács, Medieval Studies)

Kolesnyk, Kateryna The Strategies of Self-Representation in the Travel Notes of Vasyl Hryhorovych-Bars'ky (2014, supervisor: Karl Hall, History)

Kovács, Ákos Conceptualizing the Community in Hungarian Pamphlet Literature in 1790-1791 (2008, supervisor: László Kontler, History)

Kovaleva, Daria The Trope of Kyra as a Jewish Female Intermediary in the Sixteenth-Century Ottoman Imperial Harem: Theory and Practice, Fiction and History (2014, supervisor: Tijana Krstić, Medieval Studies)

Kumić, Lea Adultery, Greed, and Betrayal: Social Criticism in Nikola Nalješković's Comedies (2015, supervisor: Gerhard Jaritz, Medieval)    

Mattair, Michael  The Dictates of Our Own Hearts: Edward Gibbon and Natural Law (2012, supervisor: László Kontler, History)

Mazi, Muhammet The Sultans of the countryside : the Girays' displacement into Ottoman Rumeli and widespread roles in networks of violence (1792-1807) (2020, supervisor: Tolga Esmer)

Meftakhudinov, Konstantin Title Muscovite diplomacy and the 1682 Moscow uprising (2019, supervisor: Jan Hennings)

Mérai, Dóra The True and Exact Dresses and Fashion: Ethnic and Social Aspects of Archaeological Remains of Clothing in Early Modern Hungary(2007, supervisors: Gerhard Jaritz, József Laszlovszky, Katalin Szende, Medieval Studies)  

Mézes, Ádám Insecure Boundaries : Medical Experts and the Returning Dead on the Southern Habsburg Borderland (2013, supervisors: László Kontler, Gábor Klaniczay, Medieval Studies/History)

Mišević, Marijana The Social, Political and Linguistic Context of the Emergence of Aljamiado Literature in Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-Century Bosnia: The Case of a Lexicographer and Poet, Mehmed Heva'I Uskufi (2013, supervisor: Tijana Krstić, Medieval Studies)  

Muntán, Emese From Apocalyptic Prophecy to Political Discourse : the Relationship Between the Theological and the Political in Reformed Funeral Speeches in Mid-Seventeenth Century Principality of Transylvania(2014, supervisor: György Szőnyi, History)

Nechita, Andrea  Offering Body, Pleasure, and Wealth: The Visual Representation of Women Tempting Saints (Fifteenth and Sixteenth Century) (2013, supervisor: Gerhard Jaritz, Medieval Studies)                 

Novosel, Filip From Periphery to Centre : the Role of Marcus Antonius de Dominis in the 16th and 17th Century Scientific and Intellectual Movements  (2012, supervisor: László Kontler, History)

Oliveira, Rose Landscape, Locality, and Labour: Late Medieval Calendar Images from 1400 to1550 and Their Varieties (2012, supervisor: Gerhard Jaritz, Medieval Studies)

Pasichnyk, Kateryna Official physicians within the Medical landscape of the Russian empire (1760s) (2018, supervisor: Emese Lafferton, History)

Pantić, Nikola Faith and the Common Man : a Damascene Barber and Popular Religion, 1741-1763 (2014, supervisor: Aziz Al-Azmeh, History)

Pataki, Katalin Medicine in and out of the Cloister (2013, supervisor: László Kontler, History)

Pericás, Jaime Suicide and Self-sacrifice in Spinoza's Philosophy (2015, supervisor: Michael V. Griffin, Philosophy)

Pjecha, Martin From Protecting God's Law to Spreading Faith and Vengeance : Human Agency and the Shift Towards Offensive Warfare in the Hussite Discourse (2012, supervisor: Matthias Riedl, History)

Poprádi, Janka Healers and Lay Medics in 16th-17th Century Hungary(2008, supervisor: György Szőnyi, History)

Potuckova, Kristina Virginity, Sancity, and Image: The Virgines Capitales in Upper Hungarian Altarpieces of the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries(2007, supervisor: Gerhard Jaritz, Medieval Studies)

Putnik, Noel Two Conflicting Notions of Ascension in Cornelius Agrippa's De Occulta Philosophia (2007, supervisor: György Szőnyi, History)

Rendulic, Tamara Pyrrhonism and Cartesianism: External World and Aliens (2012, supervisor: Michael V. Griffin, Philosophy)

Sakal, Ievgeniia Teraturgema by Afanasij Kal'nofoyskyi : the Problem of Inter-Confessional Borrowings (2012, supervisor: Mikhail V. Dmitriev, History)

Sheliah, Hanna Honor, Tradition and Solidarity : Corporate Identity Formation at the Kiev-Mohyla Academy (1701-1765) (2016, supervisor: László Kontler, History)

Simen, Halit Serkan The grand vizierate(s) of Koca Sinan Pasha : a reassessment of the Ottoman court politics and intra-elite rivalry in the late sixteenth century (2020, supervisor: Günhan Börekçi

Sucu, Cevat The most marvelous among the marvelous things (Acebul-Uccab) : disseminating and reframing of the occult knowledge for the Ottoman audience in the early fifteenth century (2020, supervisor: Tijana Krstić)

Sünnetcioglu, Halil Audi Alteram Partem (Hear the Other Side Too): The Meaning of the Battle of Lepanto (1571) Among Late Sixteenth-Century Ottoman Historians (2013, supervisor: Tijana Krstić, Medieval Studies)              

Tóth, Johanna  The Muslims of Algiers in Antonio de Sosa's Topographia, e Historia General de Argel (1612) (2013, supervisors: Tijana Krstić, Marcell Sebők, Medieval Studies)

Tóth, Olivér István Imagination and the Source of Error in Spinoza's Ethics (2014, supervisor: Michael V. Griffin, Philosophy)

Varciu, Alin-Paul Kant's model of causality in terms of essences (2017, supervisor: Ference Huoranszki, Philosophy)

Vargek, Ivona Pleasure or necessity? : Zagreb baths in the Middle Ages (2019, supervisor: Katalin Szende)

Zhang, Jian Deal with the Supreme, Authoritative Space and Commercial Space in Sung Dynasty Kaifeng and Renaissance Florence (2015, supervisor: György Szőnyi, History)

Sixteenth-century travel literature collectors and the image of the Ottomans in humanist thought : Francesco Sansovino and Richard Hakluyt