Soviet and Post-Soviet Studies Research Group

The research group for Soviet and Post-Soviet studies is an institutionalized platform, where scholars share their research projects, get feedback, and enhance their expertise on current academic trends within the field. It is a multidisciplinary forum, which aims to inspire a dialogue between scholars, as well as artists and critics. The group aims to create a network of people among CEU community as well as from other universities focusing on different aspects of Soviet and Post-Soviet studies.

The group organizes public meetings each month. There are several types of events: public lectures, film screenings, photo exhibitions, reading groups, research seminars. We expect that our research group will inspire and develop academic exchange for students and faculty from CEU and other academic institutions.


Alexandr Vornovici, Visiting Professor

Ksenia Litvinenko, History 1YMA

Sofia Lopatina, History 1YMA

Yan Mazitov, Comparative History from 1500 till present time 2 year MA

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